Vaping or E-cigs- What’s the difference?



There’s a lot of talk out there about vaping and e-cigs.  But, unless you’re a vaper or an e-cig user, you probably don’t know the difference or where to start.  So.. as an experienced user of both products, I’m gonna give you the run down.

Vaping or e-cigs, what’s the difference?

Many people call all electronic vapor devices either vaporizers (vaping) or electronic cigarettes (e-cigs).  But there is a good reason to keep them identified by their actual names.

An e-cig has the look and feel of a traditional lightable cigarette, where vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes, but don’t really look or feel like a cigarette.  They both produce a vapor that inhales smoothly with your choice of flavors and nicotine levels.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, e-cigs and vaping are an excellent choice.  I quit a nearly 30-year smoking habit with e-cigs and vaping.  You only need a few tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Let’s start with Ecigs.

One of my favorite things about e-cigs is that they feel familiar.  I started on e-cigs a few years ago.  (for some details about my path to quit smoking, read my post titled “is Vaping a good method to quit smoking”) Some e-cigs have a carrying case that also keeps them charged.  I particularly like the cases that are about the same size as a cigarette pack.  It looks and feels FAMILIAR.  I’ve said ‘familiar’ a couple times now…  That’s because it’s pretty important.



Let’s face it.  Quitting smoking is MUCH EASIER if you don’t have to change too many things right away.  The more “normal” your life feels to you, the less stressful the transition will be.  So basically, e-cigs win the ‘Familiarity Award’.  My initial experience with e-cigs was pleasant.  I really liked the fact that they looked and felt like a cigarette.  You hit it like a cigarette.  But it didn’t taste or smell like one… which is awesome.  For real, smoking stinks.  It does take some getting used to, but you do get used to it pretty quickly.


There are two reasons that smokers experience withdrawal when they quit smoking.  The first reason is that nagging nicotine craving.  With e-cigs, you can choose your nicotine level so you eliminate the nicotine withdrawal.  The second reason that smokers experience withdrawal symptoms?  They have nothing to do with their hands now and it drives them nuts.  Many smokers have an oral fixation.  When they quit smoking, their brains still demand that there is some sort of hand to mouth activity… that’s why many smokers gain weight when they quit.  With e-cigs, you still get your oral fix.  Most people transition to e-cigs with no weight gain, or any other side effect or withdrawal symptom.


There are different nicotine levels to choose from.  I had smoked for a very loooooong time, so I chose to start with the highest nic level possible.  Getting enough nicotine is key to a successful transition.  Choice of nicotine levels also helps you to slowly ‘wean’ yourself off of the nicotine.  Many people don’t care about that part.. they just want to quit smoking.  In the future, if you ever want to quit nicotine, It’s not that hard to step down a little at a time:)

So, what’s not to like?


Well… E-cigs don’t have tons of flavor choices.  Most e-cig brands (there are quite a few now) have a few basic flavors. To name a few.. menthol, tobacco, vanilla, cherry, coffee.  But that’s a pretty limited selection when compared to vaping liquids.  The battery is small and sleek like a cigarette, so it doesn’t really have the power to deliver a big cloud vapor hit.  I had to Vape on my e-cig constantly or I would feel nicotine deprived, and some people just can’t do that all day.  And lastly, I haven’t seen a single ‘try before you buy’ e-cig anywhere.  That’s kind of a bummer.

Overall, e-cigs are awesome but I stepped up to vaping.  E-cigs were like an ‘introduction to Vaping’ for me.  I knew I liked it, but I needed to amp things up a bit if I was going to quit smoking.


My first vaping experience was on an ego starter kit.  I stopped at a local smoke shop and purchased the kit and some different liquids.  I bought all of the same nic level (the highest) and opened everything in my car before leaving the store.

My very first hit off the ego was sensational.  I had filled the tank with a menthol flavor and it was seriously strong.  I was a menthol smoker almost my entire life.  There was nothing like a good strong menthol.  I Vaped that menthol tastiness for about 3 days before trying a different flavor.

The first month of vaping I tried all the different smoke shop flavors and thought this was the pinnacle of vaping.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  I was buying a new flavor in the smoke shop one day when a guy behind me says, “hey, if you like that Vape stuff, there’s a shop in Winona where you can sit down and try all the flavors… There’s like tons of them”.  I felt like I had been hit by lightening.  “What? Are you for real”, I asked.  “Yeah man.. Check this out”.  He handed me a card.  I was kinda in a daze at this point.

I head out in search of hidden treasure.  How had I never heard of this magical place before?  I found the store with no problem, and I walked in to see clouds in the air… People hanging out and vaping everywhere. It was nothing shy of beautiful.  The gentleman behind the counter asked me to have a seat and began telling me how everything worked there.  And my love for vaping began that fateful day at Village Vapors in Winona Lake.

I was hooked all over again.  Which brings us to…



You can buy a starter kit and keep it pretty inexpensive while still having a very nice vaping experience.  The great thing about vaping is that you can grow over time into new and better equipment.  The batteries range in size as well as the tanks.  Some tanks are built to be disposable while others are built to be maintained.  When you upgrade your equipment, make sure you buy from a store that explains how to replace coils and keep your gear clean.  Some online retailers have ‘how to’ videos that explain everything.

My preferred equipment?  I recommend an eleaf ‘istick’ because it uses a universal phone charger that can still be vaped on while charging.  It has been my staple piece for over a year and holds a charge like a champ.  I use both kangertech and aspire tanks on my istick.  I have owned one of the kangertech tanks for over a year.  I used it DAILY and never had trouble.  I also use a Tesla spider as my secondary.  It is a great piece of equipment with reliable battery power.

If I had it to do over again, hands down… I would have bought the eleaf first.  Investing in some equipment right away that will grow with you is a smart choice.   You want to quit smoking, not buy equipment that sits in a drawer.  Sometimes you just need to go big or go home.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping is going into the vape bar and trying the new flavors.  I have brought smoker friends in and they were instantly hooked.  I had different flavors for different times of the day.  No joke.  Mochaccino in the morning, orange dreamsicle for daytime, aftershock in the afternoon… I loved the high voltage line of flavors.  Infused with caffeine.  Yeah…

I’ve noticed that people who just quit smoking (less than a month on vapes or ecigs) have a tendency to stay pretty close to ‘normal’ smoking flavors like menthol and tobacco at first.  That’s fine if that’s what it takes for you to quit.  Just don’t forget that there are brands galore and so many flavors that it will take you several trips to the vape bar to get a taste of them all.  Even if you plan to start on a menthol or tobacco flavor, I still recommend sitting down and tasting before you buy.  There are so many different tobacco and menthol flavors.  You owe it to yourself to find the perfect one.

My preferred flavors?  I LOVE Diode by High Voltage.  It tastes like somebody pulled out your tongue and slapped it repeatedly with an orange dreamsicle.  It was so shockingly tasty that you can’t even get mad about the slapping.  You just stand there, eyes welling up with tasty tears of joy and say, “thank you, may I have another?”.  I’m particularly fond of the entire High Voltage line.


I started at the high side of the nic levels at 24 and 18.  I had ZERO withdrawal this way, and I loved the throat hit.  I stepped down regularly.. and it was easy because there are many levels to choose from.  You don’t have to step down your nic.  In fact, when I first started vaping, it was the last thing on my mind.  One step at a time.  Allow yourself to fall in love with the vape life, it’ll mean the end of your affair with smoking.  Smoking is, after all, an aged and useless mistress.

Once I had quit smoking and knew I would only vape, NOT SMOKE… that’s when I started thinking about trying to break the nicotine habit.  You will know when you’re ready.

If you’re ready to become a vaper, check out the great stuff at the following links.  This is an affiliate link, which means I make money for the referral.  It does NOT cost you anything extra:)  Now go get your vape on.


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Quitting smoking by Vaping is 90% inhalation and 10% perspiration. -Nicki


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