Vapers Kick Ash -the Vape Life- season 1

Hello, my lovelies!

Vapers kick AshI’ve been talking about this, “Reality Blog” idea for a while now.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make it happen.  It will be fun for other vapers to follow along as new vapers learn the ropes and quit smoking.  It will also be a huge help to other smokers who are curious about the Vape life, giving them a real week by week status on what it’s like to quit smoking by switching to vapes.

Hayleigh and Chris of Village Vapors

Hayleigh and Chris of Village Vapors

Vaping has already helped a large number of smokers kick the habit… myself included.  But, there are even more smokers out there that aren’t really sure about this whole vaping thing.  They’ve heard or read about studies with a wide range of findings.  Some good, some bad.   Many of the bad studies have since been proven wrong.  And, people are getting wiser… they know to look at WHO funded the studies, and what the study parameters were- not just the blind results.

Some smokers are afraid they will just give up one habit for another.  In some cases, this is true…  BUT, swapping smoking for vaping has health benefits.  You start getting your sense of taste and smell back in as little as 2 weeks.  That nagging smokers-cough just disappeared at about the one month mark.  I was no longer plagued by chronic congestion.   I started walking every day.  Not too bad for a month of ‘swapping habits’.

Vaping is also FAR less expensive than smoking.  I saved over $2400.00 my first year vaping, and that includes deducting the cost for my new equipment and juice.

So what should a smoker do?  Well, I definitely wouldn’t keep smoking.  Everyone knows about the health problems that smoking can cause.  That’s why there are so many ways to quit smoking.  It’s important that you quit before you have major health problems.

house blend menu

Full menu of masterful house blends at Village Vapors

Should you just swap one habit for another?   There are very few different outcomes from choosing vaping as a means to quit smoking.

Scenario #1

Let’s say you decide to become a vaper.  You make your initial investment and throw your smokes in the trash.  It works.  (WOOHOO!)  You successfully quit smoking.  Your lungs feel better, the color in your face improves, your overall health improves, you smell WONDERFUL, and you’ve saved money.  YAY for You!  You continue to enjoy the vape life and live happily ever after.

Scenario #2

Let’s say you do the above, but you really prefer to smell like an ashtray, have a cough, and don’t mind visiting the Dr. for your declining health… you do have good insurance,

huge selection

Village Vapors has a huge selection of vaping equipment

right?  So, it was a short-lived visit to the vape side.  We have cookies, so it wasn’t unpleasant.  You’re still a smoker and all you’re out is your initial investment in equipment and juice.  You can quickly and easily resell those on one of the many facebook vaping sites.

Scenario #3


Kelli at the village vapors bar

Or, You quit smoking like I did.  You become this vaping GOD that’s worshipped by millions of, wait… no.  I think the worshipped part was just in my head.  I did quit smoking, though.  And, ten months later I had completely stopped vaping nicotine.   By my one year ‘quit-smoking-anniversary’ I stopped inhaling.   I still enjoy puffing on it like a cigar when I’m with other vapers, but I don’t use it much otherwise.

I never set out to quit nicotine or give up vaping.  I just wanted to quit smoking.  I was, and very much still am in love with vaping.  So what is a girl that still loves vaping to do?  She helps other smokers make the switch to vaping.

Vapers Kick Ash-the Vape Life

the reality series that helps you quit smoking!

Kelli and Justin

meet Kelli and Justin

I’m proud to announce the first ‘Reality Blog’ that helps smokers kick the habit!  Our very first ‘Blog Stars’ have been chosen.  Vapers Kick Ash is proud to help Justin and Kelli Combs quit smoking!

I took Kelli to Village Vapors today, where she learned how to use her new equipment, donated by Vaperskickash.com, and experience the FINEST vape bar in Northern Indiana.

Come back to Vaperskickash.com every week for updates on their progress!  Kelli and Justin will both meet regularly at Village Vapors for a ‘tell-all’ of their progress, and help answer any questions that other smokers may have before they choose the vape life for themselves.

The newlywed couple will both journal their experience while transitioning from smoking to vaping.  As a reader of Vaperskickash, you get to see what their adventure into vaping is REALLY like.

A special thanks to Village Vapors for letting us meet in your welcoming space and for being so generous in setting Justin and Kelli up with your delicious house blends.


Chris and Hayleigh help Kelli with vaping gear

If you haven’t already stopped to check out Village Vapors- GO NOW.  The staff is amazing.  They explain everything and make flavor recommendations while you try the HUGE assortment of brands and flavors.

I’d also like to thank both Hayleigh and Chris for all of your help!  They are expert vapologists that made flavor recommendations, went over all of the equipment, cleaned tanks, answered questions and made Kelli feel like quitting smoking wasn’t so scary, after all.  You guys ROCK.  Seriously!  You managed to do all of this for us while taking care of a constant stream of customers.  Thank you!


Visit our friends at Village Vapors!  www.villagevapors.net

Are you a smoker (or do you know a smoker) that really wants to quit smoking?  Vapers Kick Ash-the Vape Life  (season 1) is still looking for smokers to volunteer to quit smoking by switching to vaping.  We give you the Vaping gear to get started and high-quality juices from our friends at Village Vapors.  You just live the vape life and agree to let us tell your story.  Ready to get started?  Email your smoking story and why you want to quit to nicki@vaperskickash.com.  Don’t forget to include your name, age and contact information.

January 2016 Special Village Vapors

January 2016 Special
Village Vapors

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, a smoker that wants to quit smoking, and live in Northern Indiana.

Want to donate vaping equipment for use on our reality blog?  We also review the products you send us!  Contact Nicki@vaperskickash.com.

Your comments are always welcome!  Start a conversation, ask questions and get to know all of Vaperskickash.com.  Have a question for Justin and Kelli, or vaperskickash?  Comments, baby!


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  1. Hi Nicki, great argument for vaping there! I think I’m gonna sell the vaping idea to one of my brothers who’s been taken to every rehab but just won’t quit smoking!
    Dark lips, dark fingers and offensive odor early morning – and yes, very problematic cough! Just asking here, though: do vapers belong in the no smoking zones?

    • Hi Stephen!

      Good luck with your brother:) a smoker really has to make a commitment to stop smoking. It sounds like he really needs the switch to vaping! Send him here, I’ll talk to him! We have a Facebook page too.

      As a former smoker, I do believe that vapers belong in the no smoking section. Even though I no longer vape ‘regularly’, I still do it socially- mostly around other vapers. I can tell you this- I can’t handle being near a smoking area, but it doesn’t bother me at all to be around vapers. That would make for a fun study. Take non smokers to a vape bar and see if it bothers them.

      Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Reality Blog? Sounds like a reality show-documentary hybrid. I meant in a good way by the way.

    It’s always a debate when it comes to the benefits/cons of vaping. I notice that the regulation in States about vaping is getting more strict.

    I think even the discoveries that are positive, made by someone credible, there’s always that negativity which will never cease.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      State regulations are in a constant state of change. Luckily, there are many people standing up for vapors rights. And you are right… Even studies that prove positive outcomes are under constant scrutiny. All you can do is educate yourself.:)

  3. What a great place to stop by for the ” I have no idea” person like me! I keep hearing about vaping but really didn’t know what it was or even if was legal. I am especially grateful for you explaining the difference between vaping and e cigs. My husband has been smoking for over 50 years. We have had 3 people diagnosed 2 years ago with lung cancer. One passed last Dec, another this Dec & the last, his BFF, isn’t far behind. Hubby tried the e cigs for a but and also the patch, but neither stuck. I think his biggest thing is the familiarity of the habit, its been a “go to” for so long that he can’t manage a different coping mechanism. This might just be the answer for him! THANK YOU!!! Wish we were in Indiana!

    • Hi, Jester,

      The ‘familiarity’ thing is a biggie for some smokers. I also had a few too many people close to my family diagnosed with lung cancer from smoking…

      It’s more a mental commitment than anything else. Vaping is awesome, I hope you can get hubby to give it another chance! We may be expanding outside of Indiana next year. So stay tuned:)

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