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Vaperskickash.com has a new Vape Life Participant!

Last week I introduced you to Buddy Freeze, our newest Vape Life participant.  As you may recall, his wife had started vaping about a week before him and found it difficult to fully quit while her husband smoked.  Buddy made the decision to quit smoking and met me at Village Vapors to get his starter kit and liquids.  A full week has passed since he decided to quit smoking and I was wondering how it was going…

Buddy and I emailed a few times yesterday and he seems to be doing really well.


Buddy and Jen at Village Vapors

He was really proud to say that he isn’t smoking any cigarettes now and that it only took a couple of days to get the hang of it.  I asked if he had any plans to upgrade and he said that the starter kit was perfect for him.

I related to the way he felt about starter kits.  When I first started vaping, it was on a starter kit. I really thought that kit was all I needed to quit smoking.  I quickly changed my mind the first time I tried a bigger battery and higher end tank.  This is one of the great things about vaping, (and there are many) it’s fully customizable to each individual.

We will check in with Buddy again later this week to see how week number 2 is going.  For now, he is off to a great start.  Congrats Buddy!  I’m really glad you made the switch.  All of us at Vaperskickash.com and Village Vapors wish you the best of luck!

How are Kelli and Justin doing?

Kelli and Justin

meet Kelli and Justin

Well, I’m glad you asked!  Our first participants have made quitting smoking look easy.  They are both active vapers that have fully immersed themselves in the vape life.  Kelli still loves her upgraded equipment and they will upgrade Justin soon.  Justin finds the mods and cloud chasing very interesting and is learning all he can.  Both Kelli and Justin are doing fabulous with vaping.  Congratulations on quitting smoking!

Vaping is a wonderful way to quit smoking.

I set out to show the world that vaping can help even the long term smokers give up the habit.  I have had great success in doing just that, so far.

When you first start vaping, you don’t really know much about the law side of things.  The longer you vape, the more you learn about the way things work.  It’s really eye-opening to find out that the one thing that helped you quit smoking could vanish overnight.

This week, I’d like to start a conversation about Vaping that is far more important than you realize.  I feel that ALL vapers should step up and do a little research about vaping in their state.  If you love vaping, or even if you’re a vaping supporter, we need your help.

I know that this is the last thing on most vapers minds.  In fact, I was just like you for nearly 2 years of my vaping life.  BUT, Indiana quietly passed a bill that effectively bans vaping without really banning it.  Tricky, huh? That opened my eyes a bit and I started asking questions.  I started talking to shop owners and their employees.  I learned from them and feel that if we don’t ALL begin asking questions, you’ll find your local vape shop closed forever…  (the ordering of liquid and liquid ingredients online will become nearly impossible as well.)

Because I’m based in Indiana, I have been reading everything I can find about the vaping laws in Indiana and the future of vaping.  As it stands, Indiana law that is set to go into effect in July of this year (2016) will essentially shut down the majority of the vape shops across our state.  They’re not just placing very strict rules and regulations on anyone making e-liquids… no, that wouldn’t be enough at all.  They have placed an incredibly expensive “Security” requirement on vape shops and liquid makers that would prove too costly to remain open for all but a small number of LARGE businesses.

Read more about the regulations in this Bill HERE.

This current law effectively provides the perfect environment for a vaping monopoly in Indiana.  Sadly, that’s the BEST-CASE-SCENARIO.  (we all know what those BIG business monopolies are capable of) If those bigger businesses do decide to remain open, you will find your (now) reasonably priced liquids to begin carrying a very high “premium” cost.  This will just be the business passing it’s cost on to you.  You can say good-bye to the money-saving aspect of vaping (if we still have shops with their doors open…).

Don’t put your vapes down and give up, instead, check out www.hoosiervapors.org.  This is Indiana’s go-to advocacy group for Vaping AND fighting this Orwellian bill.  You can also find them on facebook HERE.  They are working hard to fight this Bill and need more voices!  Every single one of us needs to take action if we want to keep vaping in Indiana.

 An informed vaper is a happy vaper.

These laws have not just been passed in Indiana, but Arkansas as well.  There is a Bill in the works for Georgia right now, making this the most opportune time to make your voices heard.  As Indiana vapers work together to fight our current Legislation, we help set the tone for other states to take action before it’s too late.  Don’t forget to visit Hoosier Vapers.  Tell your friends.  Start a conversation today.

A BIG thank you goes out to Village Vapors for sponsoring our Vape Life participants, and all the support you’ve given while we grow this site.  It was all the help from the fabulous people of Village Vapors that really helped me quit smoking.  Now, they are a HUGE resource in all things Vaping.  Thank you, Village Vapors!

Don’t forget to show them some love by visiting their impressive Vape Bar.  Can’t make it into the Vape Bar?  They are at your service, online!  Visit Village Vapors today.

We are always looking for smokers that want to quit! Email Nicki@vaperskickash.com



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