Tips to help you quit smoking (and a handy checklist)

Tips to help you quit smoking and start vaping- a love story

Let’s face it.  Quitting smoking is hard.  It doesn’t really matter what method you choose…  as long as you quit.

Vapers kick AshSome people are able to just quit cold turkey.  Others try the patch, nicotine gum, a prescription or hypnotists.

I tried them all.

For me, it was vaping that changed my life.

Vaping rode in on a giant white unicorn and promised me gumdrop dreams.  Mmmmm.  Yummy gumdrop dreams.

Switching from cigarettes to vaping wasn’t 100% gumdrops.  Some days, it was cinnamon.  Vanilla lattes in the morning.  A taste bud spanking orange creamsicle in the afternoon… Sometimes, for dessert, It was caramelized banana.  Vaping definitely wasn’t all gumdrops.  It was any flavor my heart desired.

I’m guessing you’ve either decided to quit smoking, or you’ve already made the best decision ever and started vaping.  Either way, I’m glad you found me.  I have some helpful tips for your life altering transition from smoking to vaping.  I’d like to help make it a smooth and bump-free ride, if possible.  So, let’s get to it then.


You’ve chosen vaping to seal the quit smoking deal.  There are a few things you need to do to help your odds of success.


First, set your quit smoking date.  You want to give yourself about one week to get everything ready.  Why one week?  You need a little time to start getting pumped up for your new life.  Think about how good you will smell.

Think about how good you will smell.  Yes, you read that twice.  Why?  YOU stink.  Even if you smoke outside.  Trust me.  People think you stink.  Unless you are only around other smokers… then none of you really know what anything smells like.  I know this comes off as harsh…  give vaping just 2 weeks of your full attention, (no lightables allowed) and I promise you won’t think it’s harsh anymore.  You will be the one telling smokers that they stink.

Yes, vaping can change your life that quickly.

from vapememes.tumblr.com

from vapememes.tumblr.com

Think about the money you will save, and how your sense of smell and taste will improve! (As quickly as 2 weeks into vaping!!)  Think about your lungs finally getting a chance to heal…  All the health benefits you get from quitting are yours as a ‘parting’ gift;).

Your senses continue to improve for as long as you don’t touch a cigarette.

Every day you should think about all of the benefits you are about to give yourself by quitting that nasty habit.

Make sure you think about smoking in a negative light.  When you smoke this week, think about how bad it makes you smell.  Think about all of the bad health problems smoking causes.  Think about all the money you’ve burned over the years on cigarettes…

You are training yourself to think like a non-smoker.  Don’t neglect this important ritual.  You need to be mentally prepared to kick ash and take names.


If you haven’t quit smoking in your home and vehicles, now is the time.

Wash all soft surfaces in the home.  (Blankets, curtains, clothing, towels, etc)

Wash the walls and shampoo the carpets. (If possible)

meme from forum.e-liquid-recipes.com

meme from forum.e-liquid-recipes.com

Febreze everything that you can’t wash and do it regularly.  It takes a while for the ashtray smell to fade.  Trust me, you’ll notice this BIGTIME by the 2-weeks-of-vaping mark.  Just keep at it.

Wash your car, vacuum the interior, armor-all the hard surfaces and Febreze soft surfaces, then place a new air freshener.  It will take time to make your car smell good.  Replace your freshener as soon as you can’t smell its effects.


Announce your quit smoking date to your non-smoking friends and family.  They will be the most supportive.  You need people supporting you.  There will be people that tell you vaping is bad.  They are wrong.

Do your own homework

Check out the different studies that have been done.  Read and research who funded the study, or what the study parameters were.  You may be surprised to learn that BIG, ahem, (cough) ‘business’  is behind the financing of many of the “studies” out there.  Much of the information has been collected in a manner that does not reflect the use by an average vaper.   TRUTH.Boardroom-Suggetions-Cigfirm

Introduce the nay-sayers to Konstantinos Farsalinos.  You can find him on facebook.  He’s a very intelligent medical researcher who likes to debunk the negative vaping propaganda.  There are many other intelligent people supporting the vaping movement.  Do some reading and research of your own.  You’ll find out that Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists back our choice to quit smoking by vaping.  Do your own homework.  Vaping will increase your grey matter:)


Waaaay too easy to bum a hit or cigarette around smokers.  (I’m NOT demonizing smokers… I used to be one of them.  I just know how hard quitting can be and my advice is to help those that WANT to quit smoking.)  They may support you, but they will likely hand you a smoke if you ask.  Just stay away from the places they smoke.  It’s safer.  You have to do your best to avoid triggers that make you want to smoke.  The easiest way to do this is to stay away from places that welcome smokers.  Let’s face it, there aren’t that many places that welcome smokers anymore.  This isn’t that hard…


I know this sounds redundant.  It’s important.  Your goal is to quit.  Don’t hang around smokers while they are smoking.  The only time you should be near anyone smoking is if you work in a place that doesn’t have a smoke free vaping zone.  Trust me, after the first two weeks you will avoid them because you will think they stink.  You will be strong enough by then, but it’s just not smart to put yourself into a den of temptation.  Make wise choices for yourself!


You may just be starting out in the vaping world, but you need to be prepared at all times.  If you forget your charger, juice, etc… you are putting yourself in a position to cave in and smoke.  To avoid this, ideally, you should have a charger in your car, one in your home and more than one battery and atomizer.  And, for the love of pretty pink lungs, DON’T wait until you’re out of juice to go get more!

meme from www.whiterhinoproducts.com

meme from www.whiterhinoproducts.com

To help you become the ‘boy scout of vaping’, I’ve put a little checklist together.  Read it.  Memorize it.  Tape it to your forehead.


  • Plug vaping batteries into their chargers as needed.  Never leave a dead or dying battery away from the charger.  A charged battery is a happy battery.


  • Do you have enough battery and juice to last the day (or trip, etc.)?  If not, Grab your charger, extra battery and juice, or schedule a stop at a vape shop (my favorite is Village Vapors in the Lake House at the Village at Winona  www.villagevapors.net) to make sure you have what you need for the day.


  • Turn batteries off while not in use, and especially while you ‘pack’ them for travel.  Never EVER stick them in your purse or pocket before first turning them off.


  • Always keep an assortment of juices at the ready.  When you first start vaping, you should choose higher nicotine levels to avoid the withdrawal symptoms.  You should have several different flavors and nicotine levels. Your first month vaping should consist of juices in the 1.2 to 2.4 nicotine range.  Nicotine levels come in various sizes from zero to 2.4.  Stay higher at first.  It’s easy to step down on nicotine until you are at the zero to 3 range.  Don’t rush it, or you will feel that withdrawal anxiety.

    meme from vaping360.com

    meme from vaping360.com


  • Keep extra coils on hand.  Clean your battery and atomizer before plugging it in to charge (good habit!).


  • Hang out with other vapers.  They understand you.  They support you.


  • Start visiting the ‘vape bar’ so you can try the flavors before you buy.  The men and women behind the counter can answer your vaping questions, make suggestions and troubleshoot problems.  It is this vapers experience that the vape bar saves you money…  No more hardly used bottles of juice that you don’t like just laying around!


  • Immerse yourself in vape culture.  Read about vaping, cleaning and maintaining and success stories to keep you motivated.  Allow yourself to become a vaping fanatic.  Live the vape life.


meme from ecigarettedirect.co.uk

meme from ecigarettedirect.co.uk

  • Never leave home without your vape.


  • Never leave work without your vape.


  • Never go anywhere without your vape.


  • Don’t leave your vape supplies (batteries, atomizers, juice) laying in the sun, your car (in the heat or cold) or anywhere that it may be over heated, over cooled, or dropped, abused or mishandled.


  • Keep your vaping supplies out of the reach of children and animals.

Don’t worry that you are vaping too much.  That need to vape all the time fades as your body becomes used to it.  Vape all day if that’s what it takes to quit.  The need becomes less over time.

I personally think that all beginning vapers should have one nice piece of vaping equipment and a less expensive ‘backup’ device that you use while your main piece is recharging.  Unless your main piece is like my eleaf  istick, it allows you to keep vaping while charging… then you can probably get away with just the one piece.

Buy a few different tanks so you can vape an assortment of flavors throughout the day.  If you vape the same flavor all day, you’ll end up with what vapers refer to as the dreaded ‘vapers tongue’.

Get a shoebox, case, or just a safe designated area to keep your supplies.  There are also some pretty awesome cases you can buy that are made to hold your vaping gear.

Vape everywhere you can, as often as you want to.

Always remember that quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.  Believe that you can quit smoking and you will!  Follow my tips to quit smoking and enjoy the success.

Now, go.  Vape long and prosper.

meme from blog.vaporfi.com

meme from blog.vaporfi.com


Don’t forget to show me some love in the comments below!  Let’s start a conversation… are you vaping?  Smoking?  What’s up?

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  1. I love the name of your website – kickash – and your heading…tips…and a checklist. This is a great way to grab attention. You have used a variable format making good use of images and short paragraphs to hold the audience’s attention.

    Even though I am not a smoker, I was drawn to read the content and I’m sure others will feel the same way.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Nice article. A few buddies of mine quit smoking using this method but now they’re vaping all the time. It seems like they just replaced one habit with a slightly less damaging one.

    I’ve read some studies (who knows which are actually true) that claim that when we vape we are inhaling heavy metals which could impact someone’s health severely. One study found that there were more toxins than cigarettes.

    Have you heard about this? And what is your opinion/view?

    • Hi Ian.

      This misinformation is why I tell people to see who paid for the study and what the study parameters consist of. The vaping liquids consist of 4 ingredients which have all individually been approved by the FDA. The study that found vaping to contain more toxins than smoking has been debunked by a number of different researchers and scientists. How could 4 ingredients produce more toxins than smoking produces, when smoking cigarettes includes inhalation of arsenic, cyanide, and a carnival of other chemicals and toxins also found in the pesticides used to grow tobacco and the chemical processes that follow harvest and on up to the chemicals in the cigarette papers to make them ‘fire safe’? Why would ‘someone’ want to keep the public misinformed and smoking? Hmmm. Not too tough to figure that one out, now is it?

      Thanks for allowing me to elaborate:) I’m glad your friends quit smoking. It does become a hobby for some. I’m almost 2 years smoke-free by vaping… and I just put the vaping aside a few months ago. It’s not addicting like smoking is. It’s a fantastic way to quit smoking and reclaim your health.


  3. Good Evening, NickiD. Great story After thirty years and to follow up then complete the goal hats off..It is wonderful that you can help others with this valuable testimonial website. I’ve seen many recent studies that show vaping is much safer than smoking. I’ve heard that vaping is the number 1 way to quit smoking now. Why do you think that is?

    • Well, most of us struggle to quit because none of the cessation devices on the market fully address all the addicting behaviors involved in smoking. The patch, the pill, nicotine gum, etc… none of these allow you to get that ‘busy hand’ happiness that smoking gives. That’s one of the reasons that vaping is so successful at helping people quit smoking. You can customize your nicotine level, your liquid mix for how strong a throat hit you like, and you still have a cool little device in your hand that mimics the hand-to-mouth motion that smokers crave.

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