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There’s so much going down in the world of vaping!  We have a few different topics to cover, so let’s get to it.

Vaperskickash.com is in the middle of morphing the site, so please be patient.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask.  All of the old features are still here, we’ve just added a few more and wrapped them all together and call it the VAPE REPORT.  

Every week, the Vape Report will cover our signature series The VAPE LIFE, as well as INTERVIEW WITH A VAPER, A brief breakdown on Indiana’s legal battle and mention a couple of very ‘read-worthy’ sites you should check out.  Anything else you’d like to see here?  Just tell us in the comments, or send an email to Nicki@vaperskickash.com.

This week on the VAPE LIFE

I met with Kelli and Justin Saturday afternoon at Village Vapors.

the-vape-life-season-1-166x300Our couple has shown us that quitting a life-long smoking habit is just a walk in the park.  They both took to vaping right away and before they hit week 2 of vaping, they no longer smoked.

Kelli had stepped down a bit on her nicotine level right away.  A very bold choice, only for the very committed-to-vaping types, and she has remained very consistent with her nic level.

Justin just decided to step down his nic level as we were ordering our flavors so we will check back in to see how he liked it next week.  He had started on higher nic levels and did quite well.  It will be interesting to see if he reacts like I did to stepping down… white knuckle vaping for about a week:).

Our other current Vape life participant, Buddy Freeze, is doing quite well on his starter kit.  He still has no desire to upgrade and thinks the pen style is a perfect fit for him.

Congratulations to our Vape Life participants for not just kicking ash, but for helping to show other smokers that it’s easy to quit smoking!

Vaperskickash.com exists to show the world that vaping saves lives.  We all know what smoking leads to… make the switch to vaping and feel the health benefits for yourself.  Why continue an antiquated habit like smoking when our technology has grown to give us a far safer alternative?  Give vaping a try today!

We have chosen the next two participants and will meet with them soon to get them on the road to vaping.  Watch for their introduction, coming in the next few weeks.

Indiana’s Legalese

Warning: I am passionate about vaping and I will give my very strong opinions about vaping in the following paragraphs.

We started a conversation just a few weeks ago about the legal battle for vaping in Indiana.  Nobody is at odds with labeling the E-liquid bottles.  In fact, the reputable shops are already doing it.  Nobody is at odds with the no-sale-to-minors part, either.  So, what’s really going on?

While researching this, I found an article from a year ago that doesn’t just shed light on the reality of Indiana’s new law- it blatantly points the finger in the direction of deep pockets and a serious play for a monopoly.  Now, WHY would someone want to create a vaping monopoly in Indiana?  You can answer that quite easily with two simple words.  BENJAMINS BABY.

Read the full article HERE and see for yourself what this is REALLY all about.

Right now, as in- as I type- Indiana is waist deep in a flood of political BS.

This law impedes progress in our state.

Vaping is a far safer, far SUPERIOR way to get your nicotine.  Smoking cigarettes = old, cave-man like technology. Vaping = Star Trek type technology.  If smoking cigarettes were a telephone, it would be the original GIGANTIC wall mount box.  While Vaping is the latest iPhone or Galaxy.  Do you still use a gigantic wall mount box to converse?

smoking is antiquated technology

smoking is antiquated technology

Then why should we still smoke cigarettes when there is a much better technological advance that replaces it AND decreases the health risks?

Do you still watch TV on a giant black and white console?  I didn’t think so.  You likely watch your shows on a flat screen, wall mount TV.  Amiright?

Vaping is more like Tony Stark technology, mostly because it’s constantly growing and improving.  Eventually, the vaping industry will remove anything that isn’t healthy.  All on their own.  No regulations necessary.  Just look at the innovations in the industry over the past 2 years!

It’s time that people wise up.  Vaping is the future of nicotine delivery -And baby, the future is now.

Years from now, vaping will be known as one of the greatest advances in health tech.  Why?  People are going to smoke.  Millions have been spent to educate the public on the dangers of smoking.  Yet, with all of this information, people still smoke.  The warnings are written right on EVERY FREAKING PACK OF CIGARETTES.

Millions are spent to prevent teens from starting this habit in the first place.  Yet, every year, there’s a new crop of smokers.  

You can NOT stop people from using their vices.  Indiana lawmakers are doing their best to prevent newer tech from saving the lives of smokers all over our state.

(For those that don’t know, I quit smoking by switching to vaping over 2 years ago.  My health is amazing.  I no longer vape full time… I’m more of a social vaper now.  Read more about my vaping journey HERE.)

This law will shut down many businesses across our state.

Just a reminder- this law goes into effect in July of this year!  If our legal efforts fail, you will not be able to go get your e-liquid at your local vape shop.  The security clause will effectively end the small vape shops all over our state.

I know what you’re thinking- I’ll just order online.  Think again.  The current law will stop any out of state liquid manufacturer from shipping over state lines without an expensive permit.

I know what you’re thinking here too- So, just pay for the permit!  That wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one permit and you’re all set to manufacture and ship to all states… This law, as written, has one application period.  If you don’t apply now, you can NEVER apply again.  Sorry.  Out of business.

Indiana is a Petri dish experiment and all other states have us under a microscope.  If the law stays as written, other states will follow suit.  If you want to ship your liquids, you will have a nightmare of paperwork and the added expense and trouble of multiple permits.  Stop the bureaucracy.  Stop this Good-Ol’-Boys-club law now!

Indiana lawmakers are basically telling the nation that we are NOT the welcoming COMMERCE State that we advertise.  If this law stays as written, Indiana is telling the world that it IS the Flintstones… not the Jetsons.   Thanks, Indiana.  Now everyone will feel justified in considering us ‘back-woods’.

That’s the end of my rant, for now:)  I’m very passionate about vaping.  Vaping ended an almost 30-year tyrannical run with smoking.  I’m absolutely NOT sorry that I feel the way I do.  Vaping gave me my health back.  It would be CRIMINAL for any state to prevent smokers from access to a healthier alternative.

Interview with a vaper

This Interview is courtesy of Village Vapors own Chris Sausaman.


  1. How long have you been vaping?  26 months.


    Chris and Hayleigh help Kelli with vaping gear


  1. Did you quit smoking right away or continue to use both cigarettes and vapes?  I used both until I found a device that hit the way I needed.


  1. Do you currently smoke? If yes, how much?  NO


  1. Did you experience withdrawal symptoms when you switched to vaping?  NO


  1. What was the hardest thing about switching to vaping?  Finding the device and flavor that worked for me.


  1. Did you notice any health benefits by switching to vaping?  Energy, Taste, Smell, Sleep better, could breathe.


  1. Do you think of vaping as a great way to quit smoking?  YES.  It’s the only thing that keeps your habits fulfilled.


  1. Do you see yourself vaping 3 months from now? A year?  In it for LIFE.


  1. What would you say to someone considering switching from cigarettes to vaping?  To try it.  It’s the ONLY thing on the market that still allows you to keep your personal/social habits fulfilled.


  1. What kind of equipment did you start vaping on and what do you use now?  An iTaste UV with an iClear 16, A Vaporshark DNAZOO with a Haze dripper tank.


  1. Do you consider yourself an informed vaper?  Yes, I do.


  1. Do you enjoy any of the hobby aspects to vaping, like building, cloud chasing, or DIY liquids?  I enjoy it very much.  It keeps me interested.


  1. Favorite brand or flavor of liquid?  The Lake House/Village Vapors Straw-nana yogurt.


  1. What do you say when someone tells you that vaping is bad for you?  I ask them what about it is bad for you and listen to what they have to say.  Then, I go about giving them the facts.


  1. Are you an advocate for vaping? If yes, please elaborate.  Yes, I am.  It has saved my life and tons of other peoples lives.  It’s now my career.


  1. Are you aware of the current fight for vaping and vapers rights?  Yes, I am.


  1. Is there anything you’d like to add about your vaping adventure?  I started back when it all began and I have loved every second of watching it grow into what it is today and hearing every day how much it has changed lives for the better!


Thanks for taking the time to fill this out, Chris!


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  1. Hey,

    I’ve been trying to help my friend quit smoking for a few weeks now but he’s really struggling. I actually never considered that vaping might not only be a healthier choice but maybe it will make it easier for him to kick his cigarrette habit.

    Do you think that vaping will suppress all of his urges or only just a little bit? Also, does it smell bad.

    The reason I ask this is because his wife always complaigns about the smell of him when he comes in after having a smoke. I would like to know if people still smell after coming in from vaping?


    • Hi Robert!

      Get thee to a vape shop! 🙂 He could vape in the room next to his wife and she’d think it smells good because IT DOES! You still get your nicotine, and vaping stops the withdrawal symptoms in their tracks. You don’t hate quitting smoking when you switch to vapes. You enjoy it and you smell good!

  2. Hei Nicki.

    It is very nice that you encourage people to quit smoking ! The fact that the already rich superiority becomes even richer at the expense of the enviroment and other people’s health is really frightening. This happens all the time when it comes to tobacco and medicine industry, fossil fuels, renewable and free energy solutions …Now they will control the vape market income to. That is just rude! I hope you can fight this one off. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks, Ken-

      More people are getting involved… hopefully common sense will prevail:)

  3. e cigs e pens what ever you call tham are amazing i use to be smoking about 20 malboro reds a day and at 10 pounds a pack it ain’t cheap the ecig has kept me off smoking for about 2 years now and cost me only 14 pound a week to run it is fantastic. i tried a cigarette recently and it made me feel sick. i love the flavours you can get for the ecig. i do not understand why they have such bad reputation amongst so many people.

    • Hey Boss! Thanks for dropping by:) It’s nice to hear from a fellow vaper. I haven’t touched a cigarette in 2 years and four months, thanks to vaping. I’m glad you’ve stayed with it. The large assortment of flavors makes it really fun too.

      I firmly believe that vapings ‘bad rep’ comes from the huge propaganda storm that was launched to try to stop it’s growth. Vaping continues to grow even with the oppression of facts. You can’t deny the health benefits. I felt a difference in my lungs after 2 weeks and continue to feel the health rewards.

      Stop by here anytime and join in the conversation:)


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