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the vape life

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I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by!  We are already on our 3rd week of the Vape Life and I have to tell ya, Kelli and Justin are making it look like quitting smoking is a walk in the park.

When I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, I thought vaping was one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Found on Pinterest board "vaping bliss"

Found on Pinterest board “vaping bliss”

I still feel that way today, and I knew that I couldn’t be the only person that found vaping to be THE only way to quit smoking.  I had tried all of the other ‘standard’ ways to quit smoking, to no avail.  Then vaping swooped in like a superhero and made me say stuff like, “No, I don’t smoke,  I vape.” and “Wow,  that’s vapetastic”.  I was proud of my vaping habit, too.   I wore my vape on a necklace like it was a premier line of jewelry that only a special few could access.

I’m no longer a vaping freak.  In fact, I had put the vapes away in the fall of 2015.  I do get it out on occasion, mostly while I’m around other vapers…  It’s not addicting like cigarettes.  Once I had stepped down on the nicotine, I found myself just puffing on it.  The flavors are still tasty and my KBOX makes ginormous clouds, so it’s still kinda fun even though I no longer need it.

I’m still amazed at the ease of it all.  I had tried to quit smoking so many times over the years, and it was seriously some form of a nightmare scenario every single time.  I was addicted.  Quitting smoking would make me feel all panicky, no matter what method I tried…  until vaping.  It was new and fun.  There were no real withdrawal symptoms.  It was just an easy transition, then it was a new addiction.



Vaping had become this fun new hobby/addiction and I had to tell the world about it.  It took less than a year to go from the highest nicotine liquids to no nicotine.  I didn’t even set out to quit nicotine.  It just slowly happened, quite easily too.  After I put the vapes away, that’s when I started thinking that I could help smokers quit, then Vaperskickash was born.

I’m incredibly grateful that I found vaping.  Now, my focus is finding smokers that want to quit and introduce them to vaping.  I think that the added accountability from having to interview regularly with me helps.  When I asked Kelli if the accountability is beneficial, she replied, “Absolutely.  There is just something about knowing you will be asking me questions about my progress…  and now, with vaping, I just don’t want to smoke anymore. “.

So, here we are.  The 3rd week of Vapers kick Ash, the Vape Life.  Our readership is small, but it’s growing.  In just 3 short weeks, I helped 2 smokers kick the habit.  How are the new Vapers doing?  I spoke to Kelli today on Voxer.  When I asked how it was going, this is what she had to say-

“I took my vape apart and cleaned it and all that fun stuff, when Justin said, “So, it’s been 3 weeks since you’ve had a cigarette.”  I said, “Yeah, well, I had like 2 or 3 that first day, but yeah, it’s been about 3 weeks since I had a cigarette”.  Justin asked me if I wanted one and I said, “No, do you?”  He said, “No, but don’t try to take vaping away from me.”  I was like, “Don’t worry baby, I won’t.  I like vaping too”.  He said, “Ok just checking”  haha.  I don’t think that giving up vaping is in the near future for either of us. ”



I was talking to Kelli about the flavors they had chosen and if their tastes had changed at all.  By her response, you can tell they are pretty serious about their commitment to vaping.

“Menthol drifter is my go to flavor.  In fact, I need to get down to Village Vapors to get some more!  I’m trying to wait until next week to come down, but I don’t want to run out.  I think we are gonna upgrade Justin soon too.  He would like something like my KBOX.”

I feel very confident in the future vaping success of both Kelli and Justin.  Neither one of them really struggled to make the switch, but I feel that’s because they both were open minded about vaping.  Their updates are getting smaller as they settle into their new lifestyle.  Justin says his sense of smell is slowly improving while Kelli is now reporting that smells are slapping her in the face.

Over the next few weeks, we will be picking our next smoker(s) (if you are a smoker that wants to quit, we want to hear from you!) and starting a few new series at Vapers kick ash.  ‘Interview with a vaper’  kicks off this week, featuring smokers that have successfully kicked ash with vaping.  If you are a former smoker that quit by vaping, we would love to hear from you! Email Nicki@vaperskickash.com

Found on Pinterest  

Found on Pinterest

Coming in March, we will begin a series on the different legal aspects that the vaping industry is going through.  Our focus will be Indiana first, stretching out to the national impact and eventually covering the rest of the world.  If you own a vape store in Indiana, brew liquid, make accessories, etc… we would love to hear from you.  Let’s start a conversation about the current legislation in Indiana and what we can do about it.

The current legislation in Indiana is pretty grim.  We ALL need to make this a priority, to ensure that vapers can keep vaping, and smokers have a solid option for quitting.  Call your representatives, congressmen and senators… let them know that you VAPE and you VOTE.




I spent hours trying to find the original creators of the photos contributed to ‘found on Pinterest’.  If you know the creator or are the creator, please email which photo is yours so I can properly link to you.  Thank you!  Nicki@vaperskickash.com



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