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the vape life

the Vape life season 1

Last week, you were introduced to our very first Vape Life participants, Justin and Kelli Combs.  It’s been a full week for the newlywed vapers.  I can’t wait to find out what their first week of vaping was like.  Did they like vaping?  Did they smoke any cigarettes at all?  Did they experience any withdrawal symptoms?  Will they successfully make the full transition from smoker to vaper?  Follow along as we talk to Justin and Kelli for the first time since they switched to vaping.  Let’s find out how it went!

Justin and Kelli met me at Village Vapors so we could get the full scoop on what it’s really like to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

Village Vapors is REALLY busy on Friday afternoons.  Kelli and Justin both sat down at the bar to try different flavors for a while.  Justin seemed pretty excited about this part, he didn’t get to pick his flavors to start the week and had to rely on Kelli to pick something he’d like.  When asked, Justin felt that Kelli had done a great job with the flavors, but he was hoping for more of a throat punch.  Luckily, the Master Vapologists at Village Vapors knew an easy fix for that…  add more nicotine.

Justin and Kelli live about an hour from Village Vapors and the home of Vaperskickash.com.  We had them pick out new flavors that they could take home today, as well as a list of future flavors they know they’ll want.  They don’t have to come to Winona Lake, IN to get the incredible house blends offered here.  Village Vapors is happy to ship them out!  For a full list of their masterful house blends, visit www.villagevapors.net

vape bar

Indianas finest vape bar at Village vapors- from www.villagevapors.net

Our Vaping couple settled on some new flavors and placed their liquid order with Mike.  Mike took their order and went back to the Lab to make their liquids to order.  While we waited, I Recorded a short video of the New Vapers.  (I also learned a valuable lesson today concerning videos… I will be purchasing an external mic for all future recordings:)

I do apologize for the poor audio.  I wasn’t expecting such a full house today.  There simply was no quiet place to record.  That will be fixed with a proper audio setup before I publish more videos for you.  You will hear my voice loud and clear, but you’ll have to pay a bit more attention to find out what Kelli and Justin have to say.  You can hear Kelli a bit better… Justin seems to be more soft spoken.  They were both wonderful and had the following to offer-

While the Couple were still testing new flavors, I began their first-week interview.  I asked a question and gave them both an opportunity to answer.  The following is the full interview conducted on Kelli and Justin after their first week as vapers.

Interview 1- The first week


Nicki-  What’s it been like as a couple, trying to quit smoking together?

Kelli-  I think it’s been very helpful that we’re going through it together… because we have that instant support team.

Justin-  There’s support and accountability…  And, like she said, we’re on the same team.  It helps.

Nicki-  Do you think that if you were trying this on your own (without your smoking spouse participating) that it would be a little more difficult?

Kelli-  I do… yes.

Justin-  The ONLY reason that I’m doing this is because my lovely wife asked me to join her in the switch.  I don’t know that I would be trying it on my own if it wasn’t for her.

Nicki-  What was your first day as a vaper like?

Kelli-  I was excited.  I was vaping non-stop.  Just learning how I liked to vape… how I liked to hold it, how I liked to hit it.  I really REALLY enjoyed it that first day as something new.

Justin-  For me, it was kind of the opposite.  I was looking for a direct replacement for smoking.  It was different.  It was just different.  I wanted that same satisfaction that I got from smoking, but it wasn’t the same.  I learned, though, that I liked it.

Nicki-  Justin, since you really didn’t know what to expect, would you say that vaping has been successful for you this week?

Justin-  Absolutely.  The hardest part about the switch so far has been mental… (Kelli-  absolutely) my own expectations vs. reality.  My first experience with vaping was 11 at night after work.  I didn’t get to come to the vape bar, taste all the liquids or get a feel for what this would be like.

Nicki-  Did you guys smoke at all that first week?

Kelli-  I had three.  Three cigarettes in my first week.  But, I never enjoyed it all the way through.  A couple puffs in and it just didn’t taste good.  But I didn’t want to waste it, so I continued.  It didn’t taste good.  AT ALL.

Nicki-  So, how long has it been since your last cigarette?

Kelli-  Sunday was my last cigarette.

Nicki-  AWESOME!!!  So, you’ve gone almost an entire week now, just vaping.

donated vaping gear

donated vaping gear to get the couple started

Kelli-  Correct.

Nicki-  That is wonderful!  What about Justin?  Let’s put you on the spot now.

Justin-  (laughing) Justins last cigarette was last evening.  I’ve had a few more than she has.  The urge to go smoke is still there.  But, I would have to agree with my wife, a couple hits and the enjoyment just isn’t there.

Nicki-  So, it’s quickly losing its appeal?

Justin-  Yeah.  To go to bed without one and wake up without one is not a big deal.

Nicki-  What do you think the hardest part about the switch to vaping has been?

Kelli-  For me, it’s how to hold it.  I’m used to holding a cigarette.  You hold it a certain way for soooo many years and I switched, now I have to hold it differently.  I have to push a button… I don’t have to ash.  It’s a different mechanism.  But, it’s a lot easier.  I have also noticed that during the day I’m more productive.  If I want to take a break, I don’t need to go smoke an entire cigarette.  I can just hit my vape a few times and get back to work.

Justin-  Yeah, I don’t have to waste my breaks on smoking now.  It’s just a couple of puffs and I’m good.

Nicki-  Are you able to vape inside at work?  Or are you exiled to the smoking area?

Justin-  No, there’s no policy at work yet on vaping.  So far, I haven’t pushed the limits or anything but I’m able to vape when needed.  I just don’t abuse it.  I keep it low-key.

Nicki- Are your bosses and co-workers supportive?

Justin-  Yeah, both.

Nicki-  Your first week as vapers-  Have either of you experienced any withdrawal symptoms?

Kelli-  I didn’t.  I haven’t.

Justin-  Well… I’ve had a few more cigarettes than my lovely wife, I thought that going from a pack, pack and a half a day to a few cigarettes this week would have brought more withdrawal than I experienced.

Nicki-  How many have you smoked in your first week of vaping?

Justin-  About a half a pack.

Nicki-  That’s a pretty big improvement.

Justin-  Yeah, I think so too.

Nicki-  Do you guys have any advice for those getting ready to quit smoking?

Kelli-  Mentally prepare yourself.  It’s a mental battle and you’re going to war.  Immerse yourself in vape culture.  I really feel that preparing yourself is a big deal.

Justin-  I’d agree with that.  Maybe make sure you don’t have any cigarettes.  Get rid of it all.  Don’t make it easy to smoke during a moment of weakness.

Nicki-   How close are you now to throwing it all away…  Get rid of the smokes, ashtrays etc?

Kelli-  I already did.  threw it all away.

Justin-  Me too.  It’s all gone.

Nicki-  At this point do you guys see yourselves sticking to vaping?

Kelli-  I do.  I don’t see myself being addicted for long.  I will step down on my nicotine and eventually just make it an occasional thing.

huge selection

Village Vapors has a huge selection of vaping equipment

Justin- For me, I don’t have that goal at this point.  I just want to keep vaping.

Nicki- What about the hobby side of vaping, like cloud chasing, does that interest you at this point?

Kelli- It does!

Justin-  Yeah, for me too.

Nicki-  I think that’s a part of immersing yourself into the vape culture.  I know that I watched all the cloud videos on Youtube when I first started.  I had to go back to Village Vapors and buy better equipment.  Do you have any plans to upgrade your equipment?

Kelli-  Yes!  Definitely.  I’m going to save all the money we would have spent on cigarettes and get bigger vaping gear as soon as possible.

Nicki-  What about building your own box mods?  Does that interest you at all?

Kelli-  No, not for me, but I think Justin has mentioned it.

Justin-  I think I’d be interested in that, but I haven’t really looked into it yet.

Nicki-  There’re how-tos everywhere.  Great hobby.  I was interested in that aspect of vaping for a little while.  You can seriously get lost in all of the information for future builders.

Have you guys noticed any health benefits yet?

Kelli-  I’ve been coughing up the yuck…  I know that sounds gross, but smokers have a lot of congestion and when you quit, it needs to come out.

Justin-  Same.

Nicki-  I can’t wait to talk to you guys at the 2-week milestone.  That’s when a lot of vapers really take notice of their improving senses.  And, I can’t wait to see if the increase in nicotine is what Justin was looking for.  I know that for me, I had to vape the highest nic possible when I first started.  I needed to feel that throat punch…  I think that’s why I quit and never looked back.  Vaping is the most customizable way for a smoker to let go of the habit.  You can make it fit your personal needs.

At this point in your vaping adventure, what do you have to say to those that are against vaping?

Kelli-  Educate yourself- put all the conspiracies to rest and read for yourself.  Not the false studies, but the real stuff.  Learn to spot the difference.

vapers rights

Gizmo supports vapers rights

Justin-  I think it’s healthier all around.  People are quitting smoking with vaping.  Real numbers don’t lie.

Nicki-  You’re so right.  I love when new stuff comes out.  The first thing I do is ask, ok, who funded this??  Then I read all the details about HOW they came up with their conclusion.  My hope is that people will think for themselves.

Have you noticed the way that smokers smell yet or are you still immune to that?

Kelli-  Not a smoker really, I’m not around any other smokers.  But, I immediately knew that he had a cigarette when I kissed him hello.

Justin-  Yeah, and it was like 5 hours later!  I’m around other smokers at work and there are so many other powerful smells there that I haven’t really noticed.

Nicki-  Do you have anything else that you’d like to share.  Any goals you’d like to set for yourself.

Kelli-  I don’t really have any goals yet.  I could vape forever if that’s what I need to not smoke.  I enjoy it.  I do want to step down the nicotine eventually, but I’m not pressuring myself.

Justin-  I’d like to get into it more … I’m not gonna smoke anymore, so I’m a vaper now.  I want to get more into it.

Nicki-  Thanks for coming down and sharing with us.  I’ll talk to you both throughout the week and we’ll update again next Sunday.


That concludes our very first episode of the Vape Life, season 1.  I think our new vapers did really well their first week.  Come back next Sunday for our 2 week interview!  Want to ask the newlywed vapers a question?  Ask in the comments below!

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  1. I’d like to give sort of a mid-week update… I haven’t had a cigarette since the last one I told you about (last Thursday). During our trip to the vape bar, I found what is for me the perfect vape flavor, and I really enjoy vaping with it. There have been times since our visit when I would have liked to have lit up a cigarette, but I’m finding that in general, vaping is far more enjoyable overall. It just feels more relaxing and enjoyable. I appreciate the opportunity you’ve provided to improve our quality of life, and I look forward to making smoking a distant memory.

    I would definitely encourage people who want to quit smoking to use vaping as a tool to reach their goal. Not only is smoking less and less appealing to me, I’ve found an enjoyable hobby in vaping.

    • I’m really glad that vaping is working for you, Justin!
      I’m a firm believer that vaping can help anyone quit smoking if they just commit to it.
      I have an article on VKA that gives some tips and tricks to help you make smoking a distant memory. Don’t forget to check it out. 🙂

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