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My fellow Vapers, it’s a beautiful day in Vapeland!

the vape life

the Vape life season 1

Today marks the second full week of vaping for our Vape Life participants!  As you may, or may not recall… on last weeks episode, we learned that Kelli had faired much better than Justin with the elimination of cigarettes during their transition to vaping.  Kelli was able to go the majority of the week without a lightable, while Justin was ready to eliminate them for a smoke-free week 2.

Both participants are eager to quit smoking with vaping and were ready to dish on the past weeks progress.

Week #2 of the Vape Life



On Tuesday, January 26th, Kelli made the trip down to Village Vapors to buy some new equipment for herself.  That shows you how dedicated she is, already vaping with the big boys! 😉  Kelli is rockin’ the Kangertech KBOX-120 with a beautiful tank by Sick Vapor co.

(The week before, I had upgraded to a KBOX-70 with a lotus tank.  The KBOX is an excellent upgrade for beginners and experienced users.  It provides a powerful cloud making hit and is fully adjustable to accommodate everyone’s taste.  My next purchase will include a tank from Sick Vapor co.  Those tanks are just gorgeous.)

Kelli didn’t just make the trip for an equipment upgrade… she also brought a friend that was interested in quitting smoking.  This friend loved the vape bar at village vapors and committed to switching to vapes by purchasing both equipment and liquid.  She has agreed to fill out a written interview after her first week of vaping, so check back in a few days for that.

My KBOX-70

My KBOX-70

The Vape Life is proud to announce that Kelli hasn’t had a cigarette for two weeks now, thanks to vaping.  She is well on her way to being an ex-smoker!  Keep up the great work Kel!  I was able to talk to Kelli on Voxer today to answer a few questions.

The Interview

Nicki- Congrats on making it 2 weeks now!  I’m guessing by the upgrade that it’s going well?

Kelli-  Thank you!  Yes, it’s going really well.

Nicki- I’m glad to hear that!  Are you and Justin BOTH smoke-free now?

Kelli- I’m happy to report that we are smoke-free.  He didn’t smoke at all, not even a hit!

Nicki- That’s awesome Kelli!  I’m very happy for both of you!  Have there been any withdrawals or temptations?

Kelli- No, not really any kind of withdrawals… but he did have this flavored water and commented that a cigarette would be great with it.  He decided not to have that water anymore.

Nicki- It’s a good thing that he can recognize possible temptations and eliminate them.  He will do well.  It sounds like it was a pretty easy week in the transition.

Kelli- Yes, I think we’re settling into vaping pretty well now.

Nicki- Have you noticed any health benefits or changes in your sense of smell or taste?

Kelli- My taste buds are starting to get more sensitive, but not real distinct yet.  Justin is noticing different smells at work that he was not able to distinguish before.

Nicki- Have either of you had any issues with your equipment?

Kelli- No issues, but Justin wants a new tank like mine now:)  I’d like to add that when I upgraded my equipment, Chris had me drop down to a 6 nic level and I haven’t even noticed the lower nicotine.

January 2016 Special Village Vapors

January 2016 Special
Village Vapors

Nicki-  Wow!  You are kicking nicotine butt!  That’s great, doll:) Any advice for those just starting to vape?

Kelli- Oh yes!  Get some equipment that you really like.   If cost is an issue, just save back the money you would have spent on cigarettes and upgrade.  It’s worth it!

Nicki- I love that you see it that way too!  I really feel that if you commit to vaping, even with a starter kit, after a few short weeks of just vaping you would have saved enough money to upgrade your equipment.  Another way to look at it is- calculate how much money you would have spent on cigarettes for the next month.  The average pack a day smoker will spend roughly $150-217 per month on cigarettes depending on brand.  That doesn’t include buying lighters, or the gas you use to run after your cigarettes.  (and most definitely doesn’t cover health-related expenses due to smoking)

Let’s say you decide to quit smoking this Saturday.  You come into the vape bar and talk to other vapers, and the experts behind the counter… (I don’t know what other vape bars are like, I just know that at Village Vapors you get experts that are happy to answer your questions and show you how to use your equipment.)

You can easily take that budget you would have spent on cigarettes and buy a NICE piece of vaping equipment and an assortment of eLiquid.  All you have to do is tell the vapeologist what your budget is for the month and that it has to buy your equipment and liquid for the ENTIRE month… they’ve been doing this for a while now and know (roughly) what you’ll need.  The following month you will have saved money!  All you have to buy is your eLiquid and keep Vaping on!


Chris and Hayleigh help Kelli with vaping gear

Kelli- That’s a great way to approach the initial vaping cost.  A starter kit and a month of eLiquid is instant savings but the upgraded equipment has been worth the money.

Nicki- Thanks for updating us Kelli!  I’d like to have a ‘sit-down’ with you and Justin in a few weeks.  I know his schedule is crazy, so I’m giving you tons of time to arrange something… maybe when you guys need more eLiquid we can meet at Village Vapors again!

Kelli- No problem!

Have you considered vaping?

Vaping is a great way to transition off of those cigarettes and into a better way to get your nicotine.  Many smokers have smoothly made the switch without a single withdrawal symptom!  So many of us have quit smoking and slowly stepped down our nicotine without even trying, thanks to vaping!  For more information on what making the switch to vaping was like for me, read Is Vaping a good method to quit smoking?

Are you currently trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping, or thinking about making the switch?  Check out Tips to help you quit smoking (and a handy checklist)  for some helpful information from someone that quit a life-long smoking habit with Vaping!

The Vape life is seeking smokers!Vapers kick Ash

The deadline to be chosen as our next Vape Life participant is fast approaching!  We are looking for smokers that want to kick that nasty habit to the curb by switching to vaping.  We provide a starter kit and a couple of tasty flavored house blends (courtesy of Village Vapors) in exchange for your honest interviews and updates on your progress.

The chosen participant will need to meet in person at Village Vapors to pick out their initial flavors and receive their new equipment.  The participant will also agree to meeting again for the 1-week interview, several phone, email or text interviews, photos, brief video and occasional progress updates.  Check out the masterful house blends at Village Vapors today!

If you’d like to quit smoking, send us an email and tell us your story!  nicki@vaperskickash.com  Have you already made the switch to vaping?  We want your story too!  Tell us how you quit smoking by switching to vaping, or request our ‘interview with a vaper’ questionnaire today!  Your story could inspire someone else to quit smoking!

Thanks for reading The Vape Life on Vaperskickash.com!



Quitting smoking by Vaping is 90% inhalation and 10% perspiration.



  1. I would prefer a vape over just a regular cigarette even though I don’t smoke haha. To me it just looks safer. Even though I have friends who I want to see successfully stop smoking I am a believer in you being able to do whatever you want to do as long as you not harming anybody else while doing it.

    Nice page!


    • Hi Chris,

      Vaping is a lot safer than smoking and many people have kicked the habit thanks to vaping. Vaping can help your friends quit!:) Send them my way!

  2. Hi Nicki,

    I came across your article and was very interested in it. I am not a smoker but many of my friends and relatives are. To be honest, I had never heard of vaping until now. I am going to share this article with them because a few of them expressed to me their desire to quit smoking. This seems to be a fantastic way to do that! They are highly motivated so I think this time they may actually succeed! Thank you so much for writing this article, I know it will help a lot of people!


    • Hi Anna!

      Vaping has helped a lot of people quit smoking! There are some great stories here to help motivate and we’re adding videos soon!

  3. e cigs are such a fantastic invention that aided me in quitting smoking i went from 20 malboro reds a day to 0 in 2 weeks i do not know what i would have done without one. i tried quitting smoking so many times before with no avail. great post

    • Thanks, Boss:)

      Congrats on quitting smoking! You should fill out my Interview with a vaper questionnaire. I love hearing successful vaping stories.


  4. I totally agree – vaping is the way forward!

    I really love these real life stories of people kicking the smoking habit thanks to vaping, they inspire others to do the same!

    I’ve just gone onto your vaping village site – your shop looks huge! Very impressive. Where are you based and do you have an online store?

    • Hi Simon!

      Village Vapors isn’t mine, they are the awesome sponsors of my Vape life series. They are located in Winona Lake, Indiana and their store is very impressive. Thanks for being a vaping supporter!


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