interview with a vaper

JEN How long have you been vaping? Two weeks 2. Did you quit smoking right away or continue to use both cigarettes and vapes? Wanted to stop smoking right away but continue to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day… Continue Reading


The Vape Life- episode 2

the vape life

My fellow Vapers, it’s a beautiful day in Vapeland! Today marks the second full week of vaping for our Vape Life participants!  As you may, or may not recall… on last weeks episode, we learned that Kelli had faired much… Continue Reading


Tips to help you quit smoking (and a handy checklist)

Vapers kick Ash

Tips to help you quit smoking and start vaping- a love story Let’s face it.  Quitting smoking is hard.  It doesn’t really matter what method you choose…  as long as you quit. Some people are able to just quit cold… Continue Reading