Richie W- Interview with a vaper

This week, we spoke to Richie W about vaping.  He was given our standard questionnaire to fill out and was kind

interview with a vaper

interview with a vaper on vaperskickash.com

enough to oblige!  Read on to see what he had to say.

1. How long have you been vaping?
I have been vaping for for 7 months.
2. Did you quit smoking right away or continue to use both cigarettes and vapes?
I didn’t quit right away. It took about 2 weeks of reducing the number of cigarettes daily. After one week I had reduced from 20 per day to 10.
3. Do you currently smoke? If yes, how much?
I no longer smoke cigarettes!
4. Did you experience withdrawal symptoms when you switched to vaping?
Some withdrawal at first but I was missing the habit of lighting up not the taste or smell!
5. What was the hardest thing about switching to vaping?
Convincing myself that I could make the change after so many failed attempts to quit
6. Did you notice any health benefits by switching to vaping?
7. Do you think of vaping as a great way to quit smoking?
Yes. At work, 6 months ago, 8 out of 10 in the smoke shelter were smokers. Now it is 7 out of 10 vaping with the others seriously considering taking it up.
8. Do you see yourself vaping 3 months from now? A year?
I can see myself vaping in 3 months but I would hope to have quit in a years time and save even more money.
9. What would you say to someone considering switching from cigarettes to vaping?
Find a flavour you like (it took me a little while to settle on a flavour). Invest in premium vaping equipment – not the cheap stuff.
10. What kind of equipment did you start vaping on and what do you use now?
 I started with cheap, disposable equipment but I couldn’t get a decent hit. I now use the Innokin coolfire 4 plus battery and an iSub S tank. Cost £55 on Amazon (best 55 quid I’ve ever spent!).
11. Do you consider yourself an informed vaper?
I am definitely more informed now. I didn’t know anything about it when I started.
12. Do you enjoy any of the hobby aspects to vaping, like building, cloud chasing, or DIY liquids?
 I like bigger clouds! I find I vape less with a higher VG as it gives a better hit.
13. Favorite brand or flavor of liquid?
Not sure if it is a UK only brand but my favourite is Hoodlum by Fogg Life. It’s a fruity menthol combo.
14. What do you say when someone tells you that vaping is bad for you?
Not as bad as smoking! My health and bank balance have improved significantly!
Thank you, Richie!  I really appreciate that you took the time to answer our questions.  You never know who could be inspired to quit smoking because of your answers…  Thanks for participating:)


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