Ready to quit smoking?

Calling all Quitters!


Ready to quit smoking?

Are you a smoker that really wants to kick the habit? 

Vapers kick AshMaybe you’ve been smoking for a short time and really regret getting started…  Or, maybe you’re like me and you’ve smoked for so long that you don’t remember what it’s like to be a non-smoker…

Well, that used to be me.  I quit smoking almost 2 years ago.  I started vaping and felt my lungs improve in the first 2 weeks.  I started on the highest nicotine possible and gradually stepped down until I knew I was no longer addicted.  I’ve even quit vaping.

Ready to quit smoking? It was the best choice for me.

I had no withdrawal symptoms.  No cravings…  Maybe it’s time you looked into vaping as an alternative to smoking.

I’ve heard plenty of excuses from smokers in the past two years concerning MY choice to vape…

“I’ve heard a lot of bad things about vaping”   “I don’t want to give up one habit for another”

I’m sure you’ve heard them too.  There is a lot of misinformation out there.  The best advice that I can give you is this…  Do your homework.  If you read a study that says something sensational, (like the one that came out last year claiming that vaping was 10 times worse than smoking) Look to see who funded that research, then check the parameters of testing.

Why should you look at these things?  The study that claimed vaping was worse than smoking burned the vape ‘juice’ at 7-10  times hotter than a standard vaping device operating temperature.

Can you say, “false results”?

Why would a study do this?  Intentionally using methods far more extreme than normal conditions is a fairly common way to dismiss something as unhealthy or not useful.

I was pretty diligent in my research.  I found a man named Konstantinos Farsalinos on Facebook.  He posts studies about vaping, explains how and why those studies draw their conclusions, and he is really a champion for the people of the vaping community.  Read his vaping posts.  He has VALUABLE information.

Without vaping, I may still be a smoker today.  I will ALWAYS be a vaping supporter.vape

If you really want to quit smoking, I want to hear from you.  I’d like to conduct “live” studies on quitting smoking by switching to vaping.  I will choose 2 people at a time and I’ll get you a starter kit to get you going with vaping, and you let me blog your experience.

You’ll have the benefit of my experience to back you.  I can teach you how to properly care for, clean and maintain your vaping equipment.  I didn’t have my own personal vaping guru, so you have an advantage;)

So, are you ready to quit smoking?

If you are interested, send an email to nicki@vaperskickash.com

Hope to hear from you!


We are actively seeking smokers in the Warsaw, Indiana area.  You don’t need to live in Warsaw as long as you can meet in Warsaw regularly.  Ready to quit smoking?  Send me you’re smoking story!  Nicki@vaperskickash.com


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