Let’s talk VAPES- Liquid fun

Vaping has changed and grown by leaps and bounds in the 2+ years that I’ve been a vaper.  I’ve watched it change.  I’ve experienced some of the growing pains.  But, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

Let’s talk VAPES- e-Liquid fun

I hadn’Vapers kick Asht been a vaper for very long when I started predicting the future of vaping.  Now, I’m not a person of ‘special abilities’, but I do enjoy pondering where new tech can go and the road bumps and blocks that they could experience.  Sometimes I hit the nail on the head and others, well… I end up with a blue thumb.

I was sitting at my parents dining room table when I said, “I think vaping will eventually be the way we take vitamins and supplements.  I can’t wait until someone makes e-liquid with essential oils, organic herbs, and vitamins!”

I mentioned these futuristic blends of my imagination to one of my vapologists every time I visited.  I would sink a little every time I heard, “no, we don’t carry anything like that”.   You can imagine how excited I was when I finally discovered a company that DOES make these types of e-liquids!

I was gifted a few back issues of Vape magazine a week ago that I scoured from cover to cover.  It’s a fantastic magazine that you just have to read if you haven’t already.  I found my new favorite writer, Julie Selesnick of thehappyvaporcompany.com who made me giggle with her satire.  And- I found my vaping game-changer, Elixir-vape, who makes liquids from ORGANIC HERBS!  I was filled with vaping enthusiasm all over again (cue vaping soundtrack #1- Foreigner, Feels like the first time) like when I first fell in love with vaping, and again when I found the High Voltage line (My first experience with e-liquids that have extra benefits were the High Voltage line of liquids.  They boasted caffeine and B vitamins…).  I immediately contacted both of them to express my appreciation for their existence.

I will try every blend created by Elixer-vape.  In fact, I will check my mailbox every single day until they arrive!  Make sure you check back for the full review on their blends.

CBD drip Platinum

I’ve currently been trying the CBD drip Platinum as an additive to my favorite flavors.  I’m vaping every day after a few months of barely touching my equipment.  I had been struggling with some back pain and was asked to try the CBD drip to see if it helped me.  I have just over one week of use down, and will post the full review this week.

I have been mostly pain-free since I began the CBD drip Platinum.  I have nothing but good things to say about it this far and even have another vaper using it daily to add to my review.  If you have tried the CBD drip, We want to hear from you!  Drop a line to nicki@vaperskickash.com or comment below!  We are preparing a full review of this liquid and can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Week 2 of vaping the CBD drip clogged both of my tanks.  To combat this, Mike from Village Vapors set me up with a dripper to use with the CBD oil.  Now, I’m in love with a dripper…

High Voltage line of liquids

High Voltage boasts a boost of caffeine and B vitamins in their tasty blends.  Our tasting team has been using the different flavors for a few weeks now and enjoy them thoroughly.  I currently rank the High Voltage blend, ‘DIODE’, in my top 5 favorite flavors.  I’m trying their blend, ‘Lights Out’.  It’s an insomniac’s dream come true… vape your way to sleepy time!  Look for the full review of the High Voltage line, coming soon!

Village Vapors House Blends

I have mentioned the House Blends from Village Vapors on several occasions.  Two of their tasty treats are in my Top 5.  So, a fellow reviewer (to be introduced soon) and I have decided to review the entire line.  We plan to attack a different flavor every week until we try them all!  For a full listing of House Blends with tempting descriptions, click HERE.

Liquid reviews

Liquid reviews will begin appearing this week, so start watching for them.  We don’t just taste the flavors and puff on it for a few minutes.  We use the liquids that we review for at least a full day.  Sometimes they aren’t a good match and sometimes they become a new favorite.  Some liquids require a longer trial period before we can review them… this mostly applies to liquids with additives.  We give ALL liquids a fair chance and have more than one person try them out.

For liquid and product reviews, contact Nicki@vaperskickash.com.

Where do YOU buy your gear and liquids?

vapers rights

Gizmo supports vapers rights

Last week, we talked about what makes a good Vape Shop.  It’s no secret that I love going into the Vape Bar and trying new liquids.  I also enjoy the camaraderie that you get in the Vape shop.  I have spent hours with very knowledgeable people talking Vapes and Vape law.  You don’t just find that everywhere.  It was brought to my attention that I’m perhaps, a little spoiled.  You see, not everyone has a fabulous Vape Bar in their town.

Some towns don’t have a single vape shop.  Some people have to rely on the corner gas station for their vaping supplies.  And, more people simply order online.


There have been vaping laws passed in many states now, not just mine.  And, even though the FBI found our new vape laws to indeed cause a monopoly, the correction still leaves many shop owners (that haven’t already shut their doors) contemplating closing up shop.  This makes it even more difficult to find a reputable shop to truly help a beginner get off the cigarettes.

The vape store employees can no longer handle your equipment.  There are no more loyalty cards that earn free liquid.  You can ask questions…  But, the new laws seriously stop vape shops from being the customer-centric havens that helped so many to quit smoking.  Seems our lawmakers would rather see hoosiers continue smoking and dying of lung cancer.  We just can’t lose that big tobacco money our state has already spent.



Questions? Comments?  Please email Nicki@vaperskickash.com or comment below.  Let’s start a conversation!



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