1. How long have you been vaping?
interview with a vaper on vaperskickash.com

interview with a vaper on vaperskickash.com

Two weeks

2. Did you quit smoking right away or continue to use both cigarettes and vapes?

Wanted to stop smoking right away but continue to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day

3. Do you currently smoke? If yes, how much?

4. Did you experience withdrawal symptoms when you switched to vaping?

5.What was the hardest thing about switching to vaping?

The hardest part is being around people who smoke

6.Did you notice any health benefits by switching to vaping?

I noticed less of a dry cough and increased mental clarity

7. Do you think of vaping as a great way to quit smoking?

Even though I have not completely stopped smoking I am confident that I will be able to.

8. Do you see yourself vaping 3 months from now? A year?

I can definitely see myself vaping in 3 months and possibly in a year

9. What would you say to someone considering switching from cigarettes to vaping?

I would let them know the changes I have noticed and definitely the benefit of not smelling like an ash tray all the time

10. What kind of equipment did you start vaping on and what do you use now?

I started on a thin pen-like unit and I am still using it. I get a hit from it and it is very similar to a cigarette.

11. Do you consider yourself an informed vaper?

All of my questions were answered with confidence

12. Do you enjoy any of the hobby aspects to vaping, like building, cloud chasing, or DIY liquids?

13. Favorite brand or flavor of liquid?

My favorite flavor is Trippin

14. What do you say when someone tells you that vaping is bad for you?


I’d like to note that Jen has a smoking spouse. ┬áHe has yet to quit, BUT, plans on being the next Vape Life participant!


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