Is Vaping a good method to quit smoking?

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Is Vaping a good method to quit smoking?


I’ve come to be pretty good at a few things in life.  Some by luck- and others, pure talent… (I like to define Talent as doing or creating something most excellent and wondering how the hell you accomplished said excellent thing.)

I was really disappointed that neither luck or talent had shown up to help me quit smoking.  As a matter of fact, I was starting to think my normal abundance of luck and talent had totally disappeared.

I have tried a few different methods to quit smoking over the years…

Fail number 1.

I’ve quit cold turkey.   I know that some smokers have had success going this route, but I am NOT one of them.

 It was so bad that I didn’t even like me.

Someone once said that quitting cold turkey is like living in a chronic panic that you’ve forgotten something extremely important.

That someone may have been me…

Every single day without a cigarette was like suddenly realizing your phone alarm failed and you’re going to be about 20 minutes late to pick junior up from school.  You panic, run around in a frenzied daze to gather everything you need to go get him, wait another 20 minutes because of that stupid freaking train, then floor it to try to make up time, only to get stuck again by the traffic cop that lets all five thousand buses out before letting anyone in.  (BIG GIANT BREATH)

The only problem with this scenario is this-  At least, you finally arrive to get junior.  All is well, and you can relax… after the 20-minute guilt trip, of course.  When you quit smoking and that panicky feeling sets in- there is no relief for days.

I was a spastic freak of nature without my fix.  It was so bad that I didn’t even like me.  And then I tried quitting this way again later on.  Like I loved the jones pains soo much that I just had to try it again.  I think this method is reserved for those that love punishment.  (totally not judging)

Fail number 2.

I went to a hypnotist… Ugh.  Fail.  It relaxed me a bit, but that’s it.  I have heard of a few smokers that were able to quit this way…  The relaxation techniques did nothing to stop that panic-y feeling you get when you need something to do with your hands.

They kept suggesting I put a rubber band around my wrist and snap it (seriously) every time I wanted a cigarette… I wanted one all the time.  Openly wearing a ‘punishment device’ isn’t really my idea of a good time.   Plus, I’d look abused.  NO.

Fail number 3.

I had my Doc prescribe a pill.  HUGE FAIL.  EPIC EVEN.  I took them for 3 days.  I’m normally a pretty upbeat person that has to sing and dance in the car.  The pill put a stop to that.  I couldn’t sleep the ENTIRE time.  I was a jittery mess that couldn’t lay still to sleep, even if I was tired.  The few moments of sleep that I could get were filled with freakishly horrific nightmares.

Come to find out,  part of the pills side effects included night terrors and HALLUCINATIONS.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I threw those pills in the trash and decided carcinogens were the better choice for me.  I still have nightmares about those 3 excruciatingly long days and those clowns.  UGH.  THE CLOWNS.

Fail number 4.

The PATCH… similar to the pill for me.  (I am extremely sensitive to drugs and have always had strong side effects so I usually just avoid them.  That doesn’t mean they can’t work for you.)  I didn’t really HAVE to go smoke a cigarette, but I felt this giant emptiness and longing.  PASS.

I still felt the urge to smoke.  Not as strong as quitting cold turkey.  The patch left a familiar lingering feeling all day like someone was playing with the wiring of my brain… reminded me too much of taking that devil-candy pill.

About the time I had run out of ideas to help me quit smoking, I was starting to hear about e-cigs.

I didn’t know about vaping yet and these e-cigs had a familiar look and feel while making me daydream about traveling to the future to smoke with the natives.

I had been doing a considerable amount of reading about e-cigs and the apparent evils of ‘smoking’ them.    That’s why I decided to quit smoking by using e-cigs.  I really just wanted to prove the anti-Es (pronounced anti-EEEEEEEZ, meaning anyone who speaks against e-cigs, including all forms of vapor type equipment, in any way) WRONG.

Let me start by saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of e-cigs at first.  I was using BLUis vaping a good method to quit smoking, a pretty nice brand of e-cigs.  (they had a cool recharging case that had everything you needed and made you feel like you were carrying a pack of smokes around… Mmmmm yummy familiarity.).   But, I didn’t feel like I was getting enough nicotine or throat hit.

I was ALWAYS bumming a hit off of my hubby’s cigarette.  

I smoked Blu (in menthol or cherry in the highest nic available) for about 6 months.  One fateful day… I dropped my e-cig case (for the umpteenth time) and it stopped recharging.  I had (long ago) lost the USB charger, so now I was basically screwed.  Back to my pack a day menthol habit.

It was just an excuse.  I could have ordered a new charger online.  This is back before there were e-cigs in every store. ( They used to be pretty hard to come by).  But I could have found one if I really wanted to.  I just didn’t REALLY want to.  A few months later, I’d heard that a smoke shop started carrying them and I kinda kept that info at the ready.  I really did want to quit.  But, for now, I kept smoking.

I smoked those disgusting lightables for another year or so.

Believe me, I didn’t think they were disgusting back then.  I enjoyed them.  As hard as that is for non-smokers (and I mean ‘never been a smoker’ types) to understand, every person who has or had a smoking addiction will tell you the same thing.   It’s freaking hard to quit sniffing satans armpit.  His deodorant is insanely addictive.

On March 1st, 2014 my lungs threw a party.

I had planned to quit for about a week.   I had purchased the basic vaping gear and I set the date to quit.  On the night before the 1st, I smoked my last cigarette.  I had this whole lead-up to bedtime.  I thought about all the money I had thrown away on smoking… A pack a day for twenty some years (embarrassingly close to 30 years).  Do the math.  It was almost heartbreaking how much money I had inhaled over the years.

Then there was my health.  I was in fairly good health, except for constant congestion and the need to clear my throat all the time.  And some nights before bed, my lungs screamed at me that they were just all smoked out.

I wasn’t THAT old,  but I WAS forty something.

And it was pretty much a now or never, pay the consequences type thing…  If I quit now, my lungs will mostly recover.  If I don’t quit now… I will begin that awful lung related decline in health at some point.  And having witnessed that a few times, I knew it wasn’t pleasant or pretty.

I turned it into motivation.  I started thinking about all the money I would save by quitting, and the awesome new stuff I could buy.  I decided to start walking so I could feel my lungs improve.  vapingI had spent about 20 bucks on a starter vaping kit.  You’ve seen them… Battery, atomizer, charger and one juice.  (I started with menthol in the highest nicotine.)  That morning I quit smoking and started vaping my face off!  This was it- I was really quitting!

I immersed myself into vaping culture.  I read everything I could find.  I spent a ton of time reading in vaping forums and websites.  I WORE my Vapes around my neck on a chain so I ALWAYS had them with me.  I was fully committed to quitting that lifelong habit and I did just that.  I didn’t even think about bumming a hit off my hubby’s smoke anymore.  I was no longer a smoker.  I was now PROUDLY a Vaping fiend.  I took my vape everywhere and talked about it to everyone!

Oh, and did I mention that there was no withdrawal?  Yeah.. none.  I had no desire to smoke.  I was blowing these gigantic vapor clouds.  They smelled good and they were tasty.   I didn’t miss smoking.  There were absolutely no ‘quit smoking side effects’.   Why would there be?  You were still going through the motions of smoking.  But instead of gross and stinky poison smoke, you inhale awesomeness.  And you can have all the nicotine you need!  Vaping is customizable!

To a non-smoker, all smokers stink.

I was so glad we didn’t smoke in our home..  2 weeks into quitting, I noticed that smokers really stink.  That’s (roughly) how long it takes for your senses to really start making a recovery… I smelled everything and believe me, smoke and ashtrays just wreaked, as in huge-nasty-slap-in-your-face stench.  And (OMG) I could distinguish between someone who smoked outside vs. those that smoked in their homes.  Trust me smokers… All you have to do is walk near me.  I know.

But the biggest difference I noticed was my lungs.

No more congestion or cough.  I had youthful endurance and a brand new competitive spirit that made me want to start walking every day.  Walking turned into running.  Then I started timing myself… I could feel my lungs recovering…  seriously.

I continued vaping my heart out.  Every month or so I would step down a bit on nic level.  Every time I stepped down, I noticed I would white-knuckle vape all day for about a week.  Once I’d cut the frequency back down, I’d step down again.

By Christmas, I was off of the nicotine.

On my one year vaping anniversary I just stopped inhaling.  I would puff on it like a cigar.  By now, I had nice equipment and the best flavors out there.  I ENJOYED vaping.  I didn’t think there was a good reason for me to ever give it up.  As far as I was concerned, I was a Vaper for life.

Vaping changed my life.  It probably saved my life too.

It’s been one year and seven months since I started vaping.  (Update-March 1, 2016 is 2 years smoke free!)  I haven’t picked up a smoke.  I haven’t bummed a hit.  I have not touched a cigarette since.  I’ve saved money.  My health has improved.  And guess what?  I have not once thought about smoking.  I have said on several occasions that if I ever wanted to smoke again, it wouldn’t be a pack of smokes I’d reach for.  It would be a vape and some high-end juice.  There is no going back now.  Vaping changed my life.  It probably saved my life too.


By now you probably understand that I’m a huge vaping advocate.  I love vaping and I fully stand behind using vaping to quit smoking.  I barely use mine anymore, but I still think it’s the best thing ever.

I put all my vaping gear away about 2 weeks ago and haven’t touched it since.  ( I originally wrote this in Oct. of 2015) I didn’t try to give it up..  I’m just not addicted anymore.  I’m contemplating what to do with all my stuff.  I could sell it all as a lot, or I could give it away to someone.  HMMM

What if I gave it away to someone who wants to quit smoking?  What if I could find someone like me?  Someone who tried to quit a few times with no luck, but really wants to give it up.  Someone that lives nearby..  so I could meet with them a few times a week and document their transition to vaping.   I would blog all about it, including videos and interviews.  Yeah…  now to find that person!

So, you tell me… Is Vaping a good method to quit smoking?


I just picked a husband and wife from Northern Indiana to share all of my equipment and become my first “reality blog stars”.  We will be meeting for the first time to get started Early January 2016.  Please stay tuned and keep coming back for the progress and interviews!


We are still looking for people that WANT to quit smoking!  This will be an ongoing feature!  Vaperskickash.com will provide a new starter kit to The chosen participants.  Participants agree to regular interviews, keeping a journal, and regularly appearing on Vaperskickash.com.

Those successful in quitting smoking by switching to vaping will receive some sort of ‘prize pack’ after one year of success.  ‘Prize pack’ is still in planning stages.  ‘Prize pack’ could include gift certificates/cards for vaping gear or juice, upgrade gear, etc.  Email nicki@vaperskickash.com if you are a company or individual that would like to donate gifts for the successful participants.

If you, or someone you know would like to quit smoking, please send me an email detailing your struggle to nicki@vaperskickash.com.  There are tons of details to work out, but I would like to get started right away!

If you’re ready to become a vaper, check out the great stuff at Vapor Hub.  This is an affiliate link, which means I make money for the referral.  It does NOT cost you anything extra:)  Now go get your vape on.


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Quitting smoking by Vaping is 90% inhalation and 10% perspiration. -Nicki


Disclaimer:  By volunteering to participate in this method to quit smoking, you acknowledge that Nicki at Vaperskickash.com is not a Doctor or an ‘expert’ in any way.  You agree that Nicki, Vaperskickash.com, and all other parties involved with this quit smoking by vaping VOLUNTEER program, can not and will not be held responsible for any reason, anywhere, This includes but is not limited to anything agreed to outside of this arrangement, equipment function, failure, or malfunction, possible known or unknown side-effects from use, health problems, exposure from the blog, etc.  You acknowledge that you are choosing to quit smoking, start vaping (vaping includes but not limited to e-cigs, vaporizer equipment, chargers, batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, juices,  cartridges, etc.) keep a log of your progress, be interviewed by someone at Vaperskickash.com, meet at agreed upon locations for interviews and photographs, and for your information that you provide and your likeness to be used by Vaperskickash.com indefinitely.  Nicki at Vaperskickash.com has successfully quit smoking by switching to vaping, then stepped down on nicotine levels until finally just giving up vaping as well.  It has been 1 year and 10 months since she quit and just wants to see others quit smoking and break a life long addiction that can cause major health problems.  Nicki, vaperskickash.com, and all others involved in this volunteer quit smoking program will not be held liable for any reason.  If you choose to volunteer to quit smoking while we (vaperskickash.com) document your journey on this blog and other media (including, but not limited to social networks and advertising) you do so as a volunteer only and receive no compensation.  The original vaping equipment is our gift to you to help you get started.  We are by no means responsible or liable for your involvement and use of the products.


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