How do you know if a Vape shop is high-quality?


It’s a quiet week on the Vape Life.  Our participants have all become vapers and haven’t touched a cigarette in weeks!

The Vape Report- the Vape life, Interview with a vaper and strong opinions on vaperskickash.com

The Vape Report- the Vape life, Interview with a vaper and strong opinions on vaperskickash.com

Quitting smoking is a snap when you start using vapes.  Next week, we introduce our newest participant, a Grandmother from Northern Indiana that never thought she’d be able to quit smoking.  Stay tuned for that!

This week, I want to talk about Vape shops.  Why?  Because you have a better vaping experience if you know what you’re doing.  AND-You will feel more confident with your equipment if you buy from a reputable shop that teaches you proper cleaning, handling and maintenance.  There are many things you should consider in choosing a vape shop.

How do you know if a Vape shop is high-quality?

There is an impressive Vape bar.  

  • A high-quality Vape bar has an assortment of flavors and brands available to try before you buy.
  • They don’t just feature many different brands- They offer a complete menu of mixed-at-order House Blends.
  • They have different batteries and tanks available for your Vape bar pleasure.
  •  The vapologists ask questions and help customize your vaping experience.

They carry more than one brand of equipment.

  • A good Vape shop understands that one size does not fit all.
  • The equipment is taken out of the box and shown to the customer upon inquiry.
  • Proper care and maintenance are explained during purchase.

The people are beyond knowledgeable.

  • A good Vape shop doesn’t just hire ‘bodies’.  They thoroughly train their employees to be able to handle all aspects of a customers experience.
  • They know the vaping laws in their state and most likely the rest of the country.
  • They ask you questions about your past smoking habits and current situation.

A high-quality Vape shop doesn’t just have all the right stuff as far as equipment and liquids are concerned.  They KNOW their ‘stuff’ and it shows.  There is a nice comfortable atmosphere that welcomes you and keeps you coming back.  They are happy to answer your questions and want you to have the best experience possible.  They want your transition to vaping to be as pleasant as possible- because they don’t want you to have to go back to cigarettes for any reason.

So, you’ve never been to a Vape shop and need some convincing?

There are some major advantages to buying from a reputable shop.  If you’ve never been to a Vape shop, here’s some compelling reasons to go now-

You get to sit at the vape bar and try all the yummy flavors before you commit to a purchase.

vape bar

Indianas finest vape bar at Village vapors

Before I discovered Village Vapors, (my hometown Vape shop AND the best around) I was stuck buying stuff from smoke shops that couldn’t answer a single question about vaping.  They didn’t even know which coils I should buy, even though they carried a few different kinds!  I couldn’t try the flavors.  Which translated into a box of flavors I didn’t like and money wasted.

At Village Vapors, when I go in for a new coil, THEY CHANGE IT FOR ME!

So, when I talk about the importance of a QUALITY Vape bar, It IS important.  It doesn’t just help smooth the transition by getting you to your favorite flavors quickly, it saves you a bunch of money by not guessing what you’ll like.

You have a better experience because they’ve made sure that you know how to use your device.

They teach you proper care and maintenance.  You should keep your equipment clean and settle into some kind of routine.  Some people clean every time they refill or change liquids, while others only clean when it’s coil changing time.  Ask questions!  Find out the best way to clean and maintain your device before leaving the shop.  Whatever you decide, don’t forget to clean the mouth piece.  A clean vape is a happy vape.

One of my first upgrades began leaking juice a few days after I bought it.  I took it back to Village Vapors and they found out why it was leaking, fixed the problem and SHOWED me so it wouldn’t happen again.  Make sure you know your device before you leave the shop.

They offer a house service/maintenance plan for the equipment you buy from them.

I was originally writing about house service plans for an article about the future of Vape shops.  I had stopped in at Village Vapors to bounce some ideas when I noticed the new service plan being introduced.  This is just one of the many reasons I love Village Vapors… they are leaders in their field!

house blend menu

Full menu of masterful house blends at Village Vapors

A good Vape shop offers an extended service/maintenance plan of their own.  Let’s face it, it’s not like the manufacturers are in our back yard.  The Vape shops are who we run to (sometimes frantically) to help get our devices back to good, so it makes perfect sense that they would offer some kind of plan.

Ready to stop in and check out your local Vape shop?

Want the best Vape shop experience possible?

Ask questions.  Don’t be afraid to admit that you are new and have no clue what you’re doing.  Make sure you understand proper care and maintenance before you leave.  I promise they won’t make fun of you!  They probably felt EXACTLY like you do when they were noobs, too.  Learn from them.  I took the role of Paduwan learner quite seriously.  I still haven’t quite made Jedi, but I will.

Try the different flavors and ask for recommendations.  A good Vape shop will ask you questions and help customize your experience.  It’s okay to stick with menthol or tobacco flavors at first if it helps you quit.  Just don’t forget that your mouth has a flavor party to attend at some point.  There’s so much more than just plain old tobacco flavors.

Start with the best equipment that you can afford.  I have NOTHING against starter kits.  I just wish I had started on the istick or KBOX instead.  If you’re serious about quitting smoking, buy the best equipment that you can afford- right away.  It was a much better experience that allowed me to step down my nic and eventually find myself addicted NO MORE.  The better equipment gives a better hit, vapor production, and my favorite… enhanced flavor over a basic kit.


Want to keep vaping around so other people can quit smoking too?  Check out Hoosiervapers.org and find out what you can do to help!  Not from the hoosier area but want to get involved?  Check out notblowingsmoke.org  and get informed.


Ready to quit smoking?  I have some handy tips for you HERE!

See you next week!




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