Have you heard? Vaping is NOT the same thing as smoking!

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vaping is not smoking

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This was a wonderful week for Vaping.  For the first time EVER, Vaping has been officially placed in a different category than tobacco.  A New York court ruled that Vaping is NOT the same as smoking.  That’s right, Folks… Someone other than the vaping community is FINALLY backing what the vaping industry has been saying all along.

Vaping is not the same thing as smoking!

If used properly, this small win could translate into a snowball effect of momentum for the vaping industry.  Not everyone is as optimistic as I am, though.  Jimmy Hafrey published an article on Churnmag.com about the ruling on February 21st where he said,

“Now that a judge has formally ruled that vaping does not equate to smoking, we will likely see a statewide scramble to redefine smoking or tack on additional language to smoking prohibitions to insure that vaping is also restricted. For now, we can all pause and celebrate this small victory from one New York judge that fortunately had enough common sense to stop this ridiculous charge in its tracks.”

Read the full article by Jimmy Hafrey, HERE. (Great article, Mr. Hafrey.  Much respect:)

I’m one of the world’s largest optimists.  I always expect the best and even more so, I believe things will go my way.  I have been saying that I felt common sense would eventually prevail… Now that it has, it’s time for all vapers to join the fight.  With the momentum of this win, we can undo all of the negative propaganda that has been tirelessly working to drag the vaping industry down.

Optimistic as I am, I’m fully aware of the fight that vaping has ahead of it.  It seems that every time you turn around, there’s more anti-vaping propaganda.  Those that oppose our right to a substantial means to quit smoking also have deep pockets.  Every Vaper needs to be informed.  An army of informed voters is far more powerful than propaganda.

If you are not already, go NOW and register to vote!

Don’t just stand there vaping.  Go vote!

Are you optimistic, like me?  Do you think that this win can help propel Vapers Rights into the realm of common sense- WHERE IT BELONGS, or like Jimmy Hafrey, do you think it’s just a temporary win while the powers-that-be scramble to adjust their wording?  Sound off in the comments below.  Let’s start a conversation and help keep one another informed.

I am my Vapers Keeper.

In many of my past posts, I talk a lot about immersing yourself into Vape Culture when you first quit smoking.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is simple.  By immersing yourself into this new lifestyle, you effectively ‘shed’ the skin of your old habit.  You embrace the new NON-STINKY hobby as a full replacement for the old.  This helps cement your new life in place while you are just starting this journey.  We all start in the same place as a beginner.  Full immersion gives you a boost in the right direction.

The second reason may come off a little ‘Ulterior motive’, and that’s okay… Immersing yourself into Vape Culture helps you to become an informed vaper.  You spend time in vape bars, you hear the latest in vapers rights and the legal battles we face.  You are more likely to know how to read that new study that came out AND able to see the motivation behind the study.

The full immersion method of vaping produces more well-informed former smokers.  I AM my Vapers keeper.  Pass on what you’ve learned.



the-vape-life-season-1-166x300This weeks’ Vape Life has been pretty quiet.  Our latest participant, Buddy Freeze, is kicking ash.  He has had no problem switching to vaping.  He and his wife are both calling themselves FORMER smokers.

Buddy started his vaping adventure on a starter kit from Village Vapors.  He enjoys vaping and still hasn’t upgraded.  We will keep following Buddy as he gets further into his new lifestyle.

Kelli and Justin are doing well and love to vape.  They think of smoking as something they did in their past life.  I have a feeling they are much like me, there’s no going back to smoking.

I’m looking for my next smoker!  Want to quit, or know someone that wants to quit smoking?  Email nicki@vaperskickash.com.

Vaperskickash.com is dedicated to showing smokers that it’s easy to switch to vaping.  Make the switch today and feel the health benefits for yourself!

I LOVE a challenge!  I know there are a few readers out there that are curious about vaping, but are die-hard smokers.  Give me one month and I will help you switch to vaping.  I will be your Obiwan.   Or, I can be your Vader.  Join me- together we can rule the, oh… just join me in the vaposphere, will ya?


interview with a vaper

interview with a vaper on vaperskickash.com

This week, on Interview with a vaper, we hear from Dave.  He was kind enough to take the time to complete our written interview.  Thanks, Dave!

Dave Sweney
1. How long have you been vaping?
Hi Nicki, I have been vaping for a little over 2 years off and on…
2. Did you quit smoking right away or continue to use both cigarettes and vapes?
Unfortunately, I still smoke but have been able to cut my use of cigarettes in half with the vaping (I went from smoking 2 packs a day to one)…
3. Do you currently smoke? If yes, how much?
Yes, as mentioned above I still am smoking about a pack a day, which is way too much I know!
4. Did you experience withdrawal symptoms when you switched to vaping?
No, the vaping made it easy to cut down…I like that it does not stink up the room or your clothes, fingers, breath, etc.
5. What was the hardest thing about switching to vaping?
For me just getting used to instant vapor versus the whole lighting the cigarette and etc. was hard to get used to…
6. Did you notice any health benefits by switching to vaping?
Yes, definitely my breathing ability improved plus my taste buds seemed to come alive again lol…
7. Do you think of vaping as a great way to quit smoking?
I do, yes…It takes care of the psychology of having the cigarette in your hand and also even the nicotine is there, but without all the harmful results that cigarettes add…
8. Do you see yourself vaping 3 months from now? A year?
Yes, I will continue and cut down or quit use of cigarettes totally…I will do this in 2016…
9. What would you say to someone considering switching from cigarettes to vaping?
Do it NOW! You will notice a positive difference in a very short time!
10. What kind of equipment did you start vaping on and what do you use now?
I started with a pen style that was a gift, then eventually went to a larger more powerful model that I can adjust the amount of vapor that is produced…I like the ability to turn it up or down as I may desire…
11. Do you consider yourself an informed vaper?
I am informed on vaping yes. But I am not a fanatic, just a basic user that recognizes the advantages of vaping over smoking cigarettes…
12. Do you enjoy any of the hobby aspects to vaping, like building, cloud chasing, or DIY liquids?
I do mix my own liquid using a combination of nicotine and menthol flavor…I have a formula that I like and pretty much stick to that (easier and no wasting time!)…
13. Favorite brand or flavor of liquid?
No favorite, I use whatever is available along with the menthol liquid…
14. What do you say when someone tells you that vaping is bad for you?
I tell them that smoking cigarettes is far more damaging…

I read a lot of vaping information every week.  I’ve been trying to come up with new and better features for this site.  The great thing about doing research?  Once in a while you find new sites that you really enjoy reading.  This week, I stumbled across Churnmag.com and ecigarettereviewed.com.  I mentioned Churnmag earlier and recommend this site to my readers.  I also recommend ecigarettereviewed.com, especially the feature, “This week in vaping”.  I don’t know either of the authors.  I just appreciate good information.  Check them out!

Vaping is not the same thing as smoking!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  Don’t hesitate to reach out and comment or email!  See you next time:)
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