Let’s talk VAPES- Liquid fun

Vapers kick Ash

Vaping has changed and grown by leaps and bounds in the 2+ years that I’ve been a vaper.  I’ve watched it change.  I’ve experienced some of the growing pains.  But, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Let’s talk VAPES- e-Liquid… Continue Reading


How do you know if a Vape shop is high-quality?

  It’s a quiet week on the Vape Life.  Our participants have all become vapers and haven’t touched a cigarette in weeks! Quitting smoking is a snap when you start using vapes.  Next week, we introduce our newest participant, a… Continue Reading



Good day, Vapers! There’s so much going down in the world of vaping!  We have a few different topics to cover, so let’s get to it. Vaperskickash.com is in the middle of morphing the site, so please be patient.  If… Continue Reading


Have you heard? Vaping is NOT the same thing as smoking!

vaping is not smoking

Hello, my Vaping lovelies! This was a wonderful week for Vaping.  For the first time EVER, Vaping has been officially placed in a different category than tobacco.  A New York court ruled that Vaping is NOT the same as smoking.… Continue Reading