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So, you’re probably wondering what my motivation is for helping people quit smoking.  Well, It’s pretty simple, really.  My husband and I used to be smokers.  Like, life-long type smokers.  I had logged almost 30 years as a smoker when I kicked the habit by vaping.  A year after I quit with my huge love for vaping, my husband quit cold-turkey.   I couldn’t do it that way… I commend him for it, but it wasn’t the choice for me.

That’s why Vaperskickash.com came to be.  I wanted a place to tell my story, for others to tell their story.  And, now it’s evolved quite rapidly, into the first ever reality blog that gives you a real look into the lives of smokers that make the switch to vaping.

Stick with us while we grow.  Our videos will get better, our stories will help change lives, and vaperskickash.com will become your favorite place to send your smoker friends to help them quit just like you did!  We are growing fast and appreciate your support.  Vaping saves lives!


Disclaimer:  By volunteering to participate in this method to quit smoking, you acknowledge that Nicki at Vaperskickash.com is not a Doctor or an ‘expert’ in any way.  You agree that Nicki, Vaperskickash.com, and all other parties involved with this quit smoking by vaping VOLUNTEER program, can not and will not be held responsible for any reason, anywhere, This includes but is not limited to anything agreed to outside of this arrangement, equipment function, failure, or malfunction, possible known or unknown side-effects from use, health problems, exposure from the blog, etc.  You acknowledge that you are choosing to quit smoking, start vaping (vaping includes but not limited to e-cigs, vaporizer equipment, chargers, batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, juices,  cartridges, etc.) keep a log of your progress, be interviewed by someone at Vaperskickash.com, meet at agreed upon locations for interviews and photographs, and for your information that you provide and your likeness to be used by Vaperskickash.com indefinitely.  Nicki at Vaperskickash.com has successfully quit smoking by switching to vaping, then stepped down on nicotine levels until finally just giving up vaping as well.  It has been 1 year and 10 months since she quit and just wants to see others quit smoking and break a life long addiction that can cause major health problems.  Nicki, vaperskickash.com, and all others involved in this volunteer quit smoking program will not be held liable for any reason.  If you choose to volunteer to quit smoking while we (vaperskickash.com) document your journey on this blog and other media (including, but not limited to social networks and advertising) you do so as a volunteer only and receive no compensation.  The original vaping equipment is our gift to you to help you get started.  We are by no means responsible or liable for your involvement and use of the products.